Father’s Day Gifts For Dads, And Also, Guys Named Brad

December 27, 2021 by , featured in Lifestyle
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We know you’re excited to honor your dad with some festive ties for Father’s Day this year, but don’t forget that there’s another group of people who deserve celebration in June. They’ve achieved their goals and inspired us all, so pick them up a little something, too. Here are the best gifts for dads and Brads in 2019.

Gifts For Dads Who Love Music

Your dad will appreciate the vintage look of this genuine Victrola as well as its Bluetooth connectivity. He can switch from his favorite records to his favorite MP3s with ease, all with the convenience of one powerful speaker.

Brad Pitt

What do you get the Brad who has everything? Well, you can never have too much real estate! That’s why we recommend getting Brad Pitt a modest private island.

Laidback Dads

dads and brads gifts

Your dad loves to snooze in his old La-Z-Boy, right? Well, he’ll absolutely melt into this leather gel, theater-style recliner with powered headrests and cup holders (the perfect size for a cold beer). Heck, get one for Mom, too!

Brad Taylor (the oldest kid from Home Improvement)

It’s admittedly been a while since we’ve seen this show. We feel like he was into sports? Get him a football or something. Wait, he’s like 40 now. Get him a football stadium.

Upscale Dads

According to every Father’s Day ad we’ve ever seen, dads go through wallets way faster than the rest of us (and marketers have no reason to lie). So pick up this spiffy Armani number for dear old dad. He’s worth it, isn’t he?

Brad Cunningham, Your Middle School Bully

Yes, he broke your ankle once, but come on. That was 20 years ago. Put the past behind you by sharing a 12-pack of your favorite imported beer. Then break his ankle when he passes out.

Barbecue Dads

dads and brads gifts

Your dad is human, which means there’s nothing he loves more than smoked ribs. So bring his backyard cook-outs into the 21st century with this high-tech smoker. All he has to do is press a button and then crack open a cold one with the boys! (Just not Brad Cunningham’s dad. There’s too much history there.)

Brad Jenkins, Your Wife’s Personal Trainer Of 12 Years

He’s the real father of your children, so kill two birds with one stone and select any of the dad gifts above. We’re sorry you had to find out this way.

Hope these gifts for dads and Brads were helpful! Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

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