Deep Breathing Exercises For When Your Home Is Getting Robbed Right Now

May 24, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Breathing is a simple action we do every day, but in times of stress—like when you hear a pane of glass breaking and then the sound of two men ransacking your study—we tend to lose the accessibility of breath work. When you’re experiencing a home invasion, don’t let the stress of losing all of your possessions get to you. Practice these helpful breathing exercises for when you’re getting robbed—because do you really want them to rob you of your mindfulness, too?

Find A Quiet Corner

Home invasion experts say you should sneak out of the house and call the police, but emergency dispatch isn’t going to help you align your spirit. Find a quiet place in your home where the robbers won’t notice you so that you can connect to your breath. Your meditation room is probably out because that’s where you also keep your safe, but your closet or underneath your bed will provide you with privacy you need to bring awareness to your breath during this emotional time. You can’t stop the burglars from finding your antique jewelry, but you can find your center.

Tune Out All Distractions

Tune out the sound of the burglars breaking your great-grandmother’s irreplaceable china and focus on inhaling deeply. Far away noises—like a strange man saying “I found their cash! What idiot hides their money in a cookie jar marked ‘cash’?”—are real world distractions. You can assess the damage tomorrow after you’ve filled your lungs and heart with warmth.

Ignore Anxiety

For some people, deep breathing exercises during a home invasion can actually stimulate anxiety. A gun in your face suddenly makes breath work hard and scary. In those moments, finding your breath is more important than ever. Imagine your lungs are a balloon. That might do something.

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