Episode 9 – Mission To Moscow (Annotated)

April 21, 2020 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Guest: Stewart P. Miller from Columbus, Ohio

The Lowdown:

Hi, I’m Craig, The Intern, and they make me transcribe these every week. Everything’s going great so far!

This week Stew, Mack’s friend and roommate, is on the show. This one is from LA’s very own Bunny Ears Ranch (Matt Cohen’s place). They play a round of VERSUS: Alligators vs. Crocodiles, 20 Little People with 5-Foot-Long Sticks vs. A Bengal Tiger, Gozer vs. Vigo (the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II villains), Egon vs. Ray, A Young Macaulay Culkin vs. Bees, and more. Mack tells you to Google “little people Singapore,” then the gang talks about how humans fare against a vast array of zoo creatures.

They talk about Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Is Macaulay Culkin in Jurassic Park III?

Ronald McDonald vs. Wendy, Silver Surfer vs. Quicksilver, Willy Wonka: Johnny Depp vs. Gene Wilder, Hulk Hogan In His prime vs. Stew/Mack/Cohen, The Dude From The Big Lebowski vs. Jay From Jay & Silent Bob, Indiana Jones vs. Han Solo, Raphel vs. Leonardo, Macaulay Culkin vs. Devon Sawa, The Cast Of Saved By The Bell vs. Mike Tyson, and more!

The Highlights:

02:45 – Who Would Win In A Fight?

43:45 – How Mack Fought Six Dudes At His Bachelor Party

The Links:

Here’s what Matt Cohen meant by a “World War Z wall” of little people:

In case it was before your time, here’s that Muzzy commercial from the ‘90s:

As always, check out all the previous episodes of The Bunny Ears Podcast here:


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