Our Exclusive Sneak Peek at the New Frasier-Inspired Makeup Line

December 10, 2021 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Inspired by Urban Decay’s recent collaboration with Game Of Thrones, Tarte announced last month that they’ll be teaming up with Kelsey Grammer for a hot new makeup collection inspired by his hit ’90s sitcom. “When you think Fraiser, you think fashion,” a Tarte spokesman said. “Tweed jackets, sensible shoes, turtlenecks—the look is so distinctive. We were honored to take that look and translate it into a beautiful Frasier makeup line with just so many shades of taupe in it.”

The Sneak Peek

While few details have been released to the public, Bunny Ears has been given an exclusive sneak peek inside the TarteXFraiser collab.

Our first treat was checking out TarteXFrasier’s expert formula foundation, ranging in shades from Niles Crane white to Roz Doyle white to Kelsey Grammer’s post-Frasier beard white. “It actually includes a shade of white never before produced,” Grammer bragged. “The manufacturer called it ‘super albino.'”

The Eyeshadows

If TarteXFrasier’s foundation options are somewhat limited, its eye shadows definitely aren’t. Our favorite was the “Martin’s Chair” palette, which features bold shades of robin’s egg blue, sweaty orange, and two shades of red that are both unappealing but somehow in completely different and indescribable ways. Its standout is a subtle shade of puke green/snot yellow that most makeup companies wouldn’t dare to touch, but Kelsey Grammer is a true rebel.

If you’re looking for a fiery lipstick of passion red, what are you doing here? It’s nude lips for days in this Frasier makeup line. True acolytes of fashion icon Kelsey Grammer know that it’s essential to the Frasier look. That doesn’t mean these lip colors can’t be frisky, of course. The Niles<3Daphne lip quencher will keep you moist for up to seven full seasons.

Much in the same way you won’t believe that Frasier theme song is actually a full four minutes and 31 seconds, you won’t believe the prices on this makeup. For a limited time, you can get the entire line by just asking Kelsey Grammer for it! Are you ready to get in touch with your inner Frasier? Make that tossed salad and scrambled eggs your bitch with these fierce looks coming in late 2019 to a Kelsey Grammer’s pocket near you.

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