These Winter Turtlenecks Will Make The Most Of Your Choking Fetish

October 17, 2021 by , featured in Lifestyle
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A true fashionista’s favorite season is always winter. Sure, you can have your flimsy florals come spring, but the stark contrasts of winter are where it’s really at. Snow and fire, hot cocoa and chilly hands, and of course, the kinky contrast of a snuggly turtleneck and your choking fetish! Yes, if you long to have a really fuzzy pair of hands around your throat, gently cradling without offering harm, these amazing winter turtlenecks are the perfect way to blend your kink with your couture.

Cowl Me By Your Name


If you’re a newbie to the turtleneck/choking fetish, the cowl neck is a great intro to both! Sturdy and cozy but with a wide, flexible neckline, the cowl is a great training turtle. Made to be sexily and honestly uselessly wide, the cowl neck is the kiddie slope in the snowy world of sweater kink, or “swink.” As you inevitably yank the collar back around your throat every time you put on a jacket, you’ll get a great taste of the advanced dirty sweaters in your future. Don’t feel ashamed! It’s always good to feel a little bad when you’re starting a new kink.

Mocking Your Master


The next step beyond the beginner’s cowl neck is the mock neck. With no voluminous folds to hide in, you can feel the sexy creep of fabric against your throat. Not quite a turtleneck, not quite a scoop, the mock neck is great for dabblers. You’re letting it be known that you’re into being choked by a sweater, but only if the sweater knows who is in charge.

Magical Misdirect


What’s that? An innocent winter sweater? Designed to make sweater normies—or  “swormies,” as the community calls them—think of carefree Nordic romps, this coded turtleneck helps you blend in. After all, you’ve got brunches and apres ski fetes to attend. There’s no reason to let all those people on your kink. (Unless letting people know your kink is also your kink. We don’t judge!) Only true sweatishists will notice that, at the top of those dashing deer and geometric snowflakes, you’ve got a collar that won’t quit.

Out And Proud


The classic turtleneck is, of course, the boldest and most advanced way to express your fetish. Full-on sweatishists feel no shame in shouting “MY SWEATER IS CHOKING ME AND I LOVE IT!” to the world. If you opt for this look, you’ve truly embraced the kink of wanting fabric right up in your throat.

Now that you know the basics, be sure to take a look around the next time you’re out in the chilly air! Even though sweater-choking is one of the least talked-about fetishes, we think you’ll be surprised by how many people you’ll see out there embracing the lifestyle. If you’re feeling self-conscious, just remember every adult, wiener dog, and grandparent in a turtleneck is actually just as horny for choking as you are.

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