Mundane Places Where Goldberg Accidentally Knocked Himself Out

April 28, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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During this year’s WWE Super ShowDown, Bill Goldberg took on The Undertaker and, after running headfirst into a ring post, knocked himself unconscious. The same thing happened in 1998 during Goldberg’s classic match with Diamond Dallas Page at Halloween Havoc. There, an errant spear caused Goldberg to hit his head on the mat and go dark for several seconds. Clearly, this happens to Goldberg a lot. But you may be surprised to know that it doesn’t just happen in wrestling rings. In fact, here are some of the more mundane places Goldberg has knocked himself unconscious.

1. The Target Returns Department

When Goldberg finally admitted to himself that he was never going to use that blender, he went to return it … only to look at his receipt and realize he’d bought it 34 days ago—which is outside of Target’s 30-day return policy. Knowing he was going to have to really advocate for himself if he had any prayer of a successful return, Goldberg attempted to amp himself up by headbutting a cart. He was knocked unconscious for almost a full minute.

2. A Coffee Bean in Culver City

Goldberg arrived early for a meeting with a powerful Hollywood executive, so he decided to chill in the Coffee Bean around the corner for a few. Unfortunately, when trying to pump himself up for the encounter, he knocked himself unconscious on the glass display case. The 17-year-old employee who woke him up was, of course, immediately speared.

3. In a Bouncy House Rental Warehouse

[irp]Goldberg went to the Bounce-a-Billion Rental Company warehouse to see how much it would cost to rent an inflatable castle for the afternoon. The warehouse didn’t have air conditioning and Goldberg hadn’t eaten breakfast that day, and he passed out. This technically wasn’t a time when he knocked himself unconscious, but he could have been taking better care of himself for sure.

4. The Bank

Goldberg went to apply for a loan to open a used bookstore with his wife, and unfortunately, he was denied. Goldberg threatened to knock himself unconscious if he didn’t get the loan, to which the banker replied, “Uh, okay? That won’t change your financial situat—” but he was interrupted by Goldberg slamming his own head into the corner of a desk.

5. The Bus

Goldberg’s Nintendo Switch ran out of batteries, and so, with nothing to do during his roughly 20-minute ride to the military surplus store, he knocked himself unconscious—just so he wouldn’t be bored. This turned out to be a bad idea though, as Goldberg missed his stop and had to catch a second bus back going the other way! It was also a bad idea because that concussion was the one that finally gave him CTE.


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