How To Avoid Toxic People Who Are Right About You

August 2, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Toxic people can bring even the best of us down, and the modern world has no shortage of critics, doubters, and people whose pointed observations about your key flaws are absolutely correct. But with our help you’ll be able to avoid nasty comments like “I see you still haven’t found a job, do you need help looking?” or “We’ve become worried about your drinking” and focus on living your best life full of absolutely no negativity whatsoever.

We’ll be blunt.

You need to cut toxicity out of your life. Maybe this means blocking social media trolls, or maybe it means walking out of interventions that your friends and family have staged for you. You’re a strong, independent person, and you don’t have to stand for pathetic attempts from the haters, the jealous nobodies, and the people who love you and have knowledge of your reality. You’re so much more than what some anonymous jerk on the internet or some well-regarded medical professional has to say about you. Let them waste their time if they want, but there’s no reason for you to acknowledge their efforts.

At this point you need to ask yourself a tough question.

Do you really need to spend so much time with people who claim they like you if it only ends with them questioning your choices and asking questions like, “Do you think you should be drinking so much at this children’s birthday party?” Think of what you could be doing with all the time you sink into these pointless endeavors. Think of what you could accomplish if you stepped away from all that negative talk that may or may not be completely accurate and well-intentioned.

Arguments on Reddit, casual inquiries from your friends about your health … these are only keeping you from becoming a new you who absolutely can write that book or handle that quart of vodka before a job interview. So cut all of these toxic and sometimes correct influences out of your life. Because how are you going to enjoy your life unless you refuse to sometimes acknowledge that you need change?

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