I Think I’m Cute, I KNOW I’m Sexy—Thanks To Shawn Michaels

January 25, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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All throughout kindergarten and early grammar school I felt different from the other kids in my classes. The feeling went as far back as I could remember. Other children were fawned and gushed over—their checks squeezed, their tummies patted, but not I. My parents never took pictures of me atop a pumpkin during Autumn, or inside a little bucket during Little Bucket time.

No. No, I was never cute.

Cursed with steely blues eyes, a dark full mane, and a chiseled jawline since birth, I was born rigid and right-angled. Junior high began and—as other students flashed each other shy, brace-filled smiles—I was alone with my perfect teeth. I spent school dances at home with my Olympic swimmer-esque abdominal muscles and perfectly-sculpted chest. Forever lonely and out of place.

That’s when, out of desperation (and bored of my endless photo sessions with European fashion photographers) I turned on the living room television and caught the first hints of a mantra that re-framed my perspective and changed my life…

“DunnDunn DunnDunn DunnDunn DunnDunn oh, oh, oh, Shawn!”

It wasn’t that part. That part isn’t really words. It was the next part:

“I think I’m cute./I know I’m sexy./I got the looks, that drive the girls wild.” It continued: “I’ve got the moves, that really move them. I send chills, up and down down their spines/I’m just a sexy boy. Sexy boy./I’m not your boy toy. Boy toy.”

That’s when it hit me: I may not be cute, but I’m sexy. And that’s okay. On my best days, after a lot of work with my therapist and a good amount of personal affirmations, I accept it.

Thank you, Shawn Michaels. For everything.

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