A New York Lifestyle Guru’s Guide to Siberia

August 1, 2022 by , featured in Food and Recipes
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Siberia. A land of breathtaking vistas and serene snowscapes, where even the most frenetic of personalities can find space to take a deep breath and truly relax. Lifestyle enthusiast and fashion blogger Faye Kerr traded in her hectic city routine for a quaint aluminum cottage near the Putorana Mountains. She now brings us a glimpse into her daily routine.

6:45 am – “In New York, I timed my waking with the sunrise to streamline my circadian rhythms. Here in the Arctic Circle, there are about six weeks when it doesn’t rise at all, so I just picked a random time and stuck with it! You are the master of when you start your day!”

7:00 am – “A morning cardio sesh stirs my creative energies and also gets the blood flowing to my extremities again. Afterwards, I’ll sometimes indulge in a cup of coffee. I’ve hit the sweet spot of watering it down just enough to conserve supplies while still getting that perfect caffeine kick.”

8:00 am – “I take advantage of all those post-workout vibes (and the fact that sometimes the snow is too deep for me to leave the house) and commit to an hour of creative ideation every morning. Current project: trying to design an igloo that has good insulation and classic French-chic charm.”

9:00 am – “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nothing works up an appetite like raking the ashes out of your wood stove, kindling a fire, and sawing off a slab of frozen salt pork from the larder shed out back.”

10:00 am – “I sit down and type up a few new articles for my blog before leaving the house. I like to keep a notebook nearby—there’s something incredibly stimulating about actually setting a pencil to a clean sheet of recycled paper. Also, sometimes my laptop is frozen shut.”

12:00 pm – “Chilly weather is no excuse for not looking your best. I like to pair blouses in bright patterns with a soft cashmere wrap in a neutral color. Over that, I usually wear a thermal vest, a felt-lined jumper, two to three wool scarves, and a puffy synthetic jacket.”

12:30 pm – “Pelmeni Cafe, with its rustic oilcloth window shades, down-to-earth staff, and elegant tin flatware, has the best wifi in town and the best fish soup this side of the polar vortex. On a good day, I can put up an Instagram post or two, check out the latest video from my favorite Pilates vlogger, and load at least a couple inches of my Facebook feed.”

1:45 pm – “In photography, the subject of the photo isn’t nearly as important as getting a creative angle. I’ve photographed the rusted automobile on the edge of town a thousand times, and yet no two shots have the same soul. Same goes for the abandoned post office, the sinkhole next to the main square, and the old woman pounding fish every day on her front porch.”

3:45 pm – “When the weather is good, I’ll go for a jog in the afternoon. I try to wave at everyone, even the guards in front of the large windowless warehouse near my home. They haven’t responded yet, but it’s only a matter of time before my positive energy breaks through!”

5:30 pm – “Pelmeni Cafe is so good that I’ve never even considered going elsewhere! (Besides, it’s the only restaurant open past three.) The best thing about living in Siberia is that your body needs the extra calories to stay warm and keep itself from shutting down, so there’s no need to feel guilty about eating an entire meat pie at dinner!”

7:00 pm – “To conserve fuel, I usually turn off the lights early. I encourage everyone to try it—having to navigate your house in total darkness establishes an intimate connection between you and your living space. By now I’m so attuned that I can honestly feel the vibrations from the earth guiding me through the soles of my feet.”

9:00 – “My days can be hectic, but I’ll devote time to appreciate beauty wherever I see it. It’s too cold to go outside at night, but from my window, I can sometimes see the breathtaking Northern Lights! And even if it’s not a clear night, that windowless warehouse near my home always emits a gorgeous neon green glow!”

10:30 – “Bedtime! I’m a firm believer in the value of sleep, so I had an organic avocado fiber mattress imported from the U.S. It has a tendency to freeze stiff overnight, so finding the perfect sleeping position before I fall asleep is essential. Also very important: keeping hands and feet tucked under at least two blankets!

Always remember, stay warm, stay positive, stay chic, and stay warm!”

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