What’s “In” This Month: March 2018

August 22, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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March can be a tough month for fashion, for keeping up with trends, and for maintaining spiritual wellness. It comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. It ushers the end of winter. It’s a time of transition, where you may find yourself struggling to try something new and daring. You may be surprised to learn that our Fashion Experts actually recommend against major style changes in March. Trying to keep up with the rapidly changing season can easily backfire. Just stick to our handy guide for what’s in this month, and you can’t go wrong.

Trends to Follow

One of the hottest March fashion trends is clinging to illusions of permanence. It’s a time for blanketing yourself in the fragile comfort of routines, and telling yourself lies that grow ever more difficult to believe. Tell yourself that you’re not working too much. Tell yourself that the friends and family who grow more distant by the hour will still be there when you finally reach out. Tell yourself you will reach out, someday. Soon. Remember, you wanted this job.

March fashion trends

Another hot March fashion trend? Elbow-length gloves. While a pair in eye-catching purple may be tempting you from that shop window, we recommend sticking to classic black. They make for a small addition to any outfit that yields big results. You can keep warm and stylish with this versatile pick, without breaking the bank. This season is all about gloves!

march fashion trends

This season is also for sitting alone, late nights, and staring at a glowing screen. No. Past the glowing screen. Past the framed 11×17 print from a hip local artist that hangs on the wall. Past the wall itself, and into a void that you’re certain isn’t in your head, but is, in fact, just in the corner of your vision. It’s a season for feeling utterly alone, yet somehow, not in the slightest unique. Remember, you wanted this apartment.

march fashion trends

Investing in a fashionable scarf will keep you warm in the beginning of the month, and make for a stylish statement piece in the latter half. Scarf belts are very in right now. To clarify, that’s tying a scarf around the waist of a dress or even threading it through the belt loops of your pants to wear as a belt. Don’t confuse this with fastening a belt over the hanging ends of a long scarf, which is not in this March.

march fashion trends

It’s the season for setting your alarm in time for work, realizing you’ll need to be up in four hours, and having no idea how you wasted an entire night. It’s for sleepwalking through the day, and wondering if this is what it is to be alive. Wondering if this is all there is. You isolate yourself more and more, and swear that your younger self would be proud of the person you’ve become. You swear that this is the American dream. This March is for knowing that you are safe, comfortable, and secure, but feeling absolutely terrified.

Remember, you wanted this.

And most of all, remember to accessorize!

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