The Most Instagrammable Ways To Die This Summer

January 17, 2022 by , featured in Travel Guides
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Summer is already underway, and with it comes your chance to catch some rays in picturesque locals. Of course, if you want to make a summer splash on the ‘gram, a basic selfie isn’t gonna cut it anymore. No—you need to spend your summer finding the hottest, trendiest ways to put your life on the line for a single photograph. And here are our top picks for the most Instagrammable ways to die this season.

Hot Air Ballooning

What’s more beautiful than a remarkable fire-powered balloon, lifting you thousands of feet in the air to a stunning vista? You might think ascending to the heavens in a wooden box on fire is dangerous enough, but not for the true Instagram darling. Improve your chances of internet fame and/or horrifying death by leaning way, way out of the basket to snap the perfect photo of that brightly-colored canopy. Death from heights might be tragic, but the photos at your funeral will be top-notch.

Bonfire Jumping

Nothing evokes a rustic summer camp setting better than a roaring bonfire. And nothing proves that you never skip leg day more than a perfectly-timed photo of you leaping over the top of one. Bonus points if you also attempt to eat a toasted marshmallow off a very pointed skewer mid-jump. The freeze-frame of your death will live on forever.

Shark Petting

Photos with dogs are out on dating apps, but pics of petting a shark are way, way in! At heart, sharks are just ocean doggos—in that they can eat your face off in a matter of seconds if you piss them off. If you’re at all worried about this one, just think of all the likes this pic will get if successfully pulled off. We’re talking maybe over 100. Worth it.

Image: Pixabay/ Pixabay

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