Travel Guide: The Inside Of A JNCO Jeans Leg

February 3, 2022 by , featured in Travel Guides
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JNCO jeans (the official jeans of the ’90s) were so oversized that just one of those ultra-wide pant legs seemed like it could fit an entire village. And guess what? It could. In fact, the indigenous people who live inside of JNCO jeans have created a vibrant tourist destination within the innumerable folds of denim. These jeans are the ultimate staycation location for those times you want to get away, but don’t want to go very far. So let’s take a journey up the leg of a pair of JNCOs and see what we find.

Joe’s Cafe

As soon as you crawl up the ankle, you’ll find Joe’s Cafe, a refreshing spot to grab a drink and fuel up before you start your trip in earnest. We love that Joe’s uses ingredients local to the pair of jeans, like sweat and lint. Plus, when you visit Joe’s, you’re helping the local economy that thrives inside these pants.

The Judge None Choose One National Park

Fur.her up, inside the bend of the knee, rests JNCO National Park—one of the jeans’ most majestic sites. The park is home to the many flora and fauna of this particular denim brand. De-leg-hair-ization has reduced its natural habitat, but due to recent conservation efforts, the area is starting to thrive once more.

Sleepy Jeans Bed & Breakfast

Located midway up the thigh, this quaint bed and breakfast is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Cozy up next to your partner in this hidden gem nestled in between folds of fabric. The thigh region of the JNCO leg is also known for its dramatic weather (believed to be caused by the crossing and uncrossing of the legs), so bring a jacket!

Pocket Island

While not technically inside the pant leg, Pocket Island is a nearby getaway located on the seat of the pants. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the pants leg proper. The flight is less than an hour, so it’s worth the trip if you can afford it. Enjoy the sugar-white sands and the navy blue waters in this remote getaway. It’s hard to believe this remote island is on the same pair of pants, but then again, the pants are so, so big.

All of this—and more—exists inside just one of the legs of these super wide jeans! What are you waiting for? Crawl up inside a JNCO leg today!

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