3 Lesser-Known Wrestling Holds Perfect For A No Holds Barred Match

January 20, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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On April 7th, 2019, WWE legends Triple H and Batista settled their long and violent feud the only way two 50-year-old adult men know how: In the ring. The Game and The Animal, respectively, re-staged their notorious WrestleMania 21 bout, with a rare “No Holds Barred Match.”  No hold was too dangerous, sick, or violent, and nothing either wrestler did could get them disqualified. While Triple H walked away victorious, a rematch is just around the corner, and he’s going to have to dig deep for crafty maneuvers. Maybe he’ll try these—some of the most thrilling but lesser-known wrestling holds.

The “Reverse Heimlich”

Chokeholds are certainly fair game in a No Holds Barred match, but it’s far more interesting to see a wrestler purposely not choke the other one. In this move, the grappler stands behind their opponent and grabs them around the middle, between the stomach and ribcage. It looks like they’re going to deliver the Heimlich Maneuver, except they push on the stomach instead of the airway. Result: Regurgitation.

The “Was It Good For You, Baby?”

The wrestler grabs hold of his opponent and falls backward into a sitting position, his back against a ring post. He wraps his left arm around the other wrestler’s midsection and drapes his right arm over their chest. Then he nuzzles his opponents’ hair. It replicates an awkward, post-coital snuggle.

The “I’m Not Touching You”

It’s technically not a hold at all, but it psyches out and disarms an opponent. One wrestler chases the other wrestler around the ring, their arm extended, fist locked in a clench. There’s no actual touching involved, just the repeated taunt, “I’m not touching yooooooou!” The other wrestler will get so mad that they’ll tattle to the referee. Then he’ll tell the wrestlers to “work it out.” That’s when the master of the “INTY” goes for the kill and the victory.

Did we miss any other lesser-known wrestling holds? Let us know below!

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