Fetish Of The Month: That Long, Hard Tetris Block 

December 1, 2019 by , featured in Fetish Of The Month
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Oh yeah, you know the one. That long, hard Tetris block. The big one that slides nice and smooth into that large, gaping column. The one that eliminates four rock solid rows that you worked long and hard to set up just right. All that gameplay—that foreplay, if you will—is worth the effort, isn’t it? And then, after a mere moment of appreciating your accomplishment, you get right back to work setting up another satisfying explosion.

Some fans call this beautiful block Hot Shot, some call it the Flashmaker, and some call it Big Poppa. We call it all that and so much more (though the words we use aren’t fit to print here).

[irp]If you’re feeling adventurous, this block can also be used in … multiplayer. That’s right. Aren’t you tempted to invite a friend, a stranger, or even Dr. Mario to join you? That four-square tall Tetromino can bring a rush of pleasure to more than one person at a time, whether you’re competing for its attention or, shall we say, cooperating. It rewards both the cunning brain that arranges it and the strong, firm hands that guide it into place. Do you like when it moves slow and sensual, or fast and hard? Or maybe you like it both ways? Whichever you prefer, that beautiful Tetris block will deliver.

Just remember that you get more points for going back to back.

Image: Pexels, The Tetris Company

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