Glasses You’ll Look Hot In Provided You Are Already Hot 

December 19, 2021 by , featured in Lifestyle
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There are a handful of beauty and fashion choices that, if done right, are instantly transformative. A new haircut, for example, or a new eye makeup method can make you look like a new person. A chic pair of eyeglasses can do that, too. Grab some glasses you look hot in and you’ll remind people of attractive librarians, attractive teachers, or Tina Fey. Their glasses became fetishized and thought of as a source of their hotness, even though such women were already very hot without corrective eyewear. Similarly, here are some frames that will look great on you, on the condition that you’re already physically attractive.

So Cheeky

These frames rest nicely on the cheekbones, thus accentuating them. However, they can only sit on cheekbones that are especially high on the face, a feature which is universally acknowledged as a sign of physical attractiveness. If, as a hot person, you’ve got high cheekbones, and these glasses would be great for you.

The Eyes Have It

look hot in glasses

Glasses are sometimes called “frames” because of they “frame” a lens. But they could also be called frames because they frame your eyes. And if your eyes are already beautiful — a chocolatey brown, for example, or an exotic green, or oceanic blue — then these glasses will “frame” those gorgeous eyes and bring out their beauty. Yes, the beauty that literally every person you’ve ever encountered noticed within seconds of meeting you.

Hair You Go

Check out the way the hair attractively drapes over her new glasses. It is attractive hair, and she is an attractive person with an attractive face. She doesn’t even need these glasses. But she does look good in them. If you’re also attractive, glasses like these will look great on you. Or they won’t. It doesn’t really matter because you’re hot anyway.

Just Face It

hot girls in glasses

These frames work great for someone with a round face. Or a thin, angular face. Or a diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, rectangular, or oblong face. Pretty much anybody who is sexually appealing with any kind of face type will continue to be attractive in these glasses.

Get Hip

Warby Parkers, for example, are hip, fashionable, and cost about half as much as designer frames. They’ll certainly get you noticed by people who would otherwise notice that you would look hot if you weren’t wearing glasses.

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