Lydia Tries It! Going An Entire Day Without Telling Anyone I’m A Leo

November 8, 2022 by , featured in Health
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A few weeks ago I was challenged by Bunny Ears’ editor-in-chief Shawn DePasquale to not mention my star sign to anyone for an entire day (it’s Leo). “You want me to not mention my star sign TO ANYONE for 24 whole hours and write about it?” I asked.

He sighed deeply and replied “I guess if that’s what it takes.”

“Ok I won’t mention my star sign” (again, it’s Leo the best star sign) “to ANYONE AT ALL for an entire day” I promised.

“Could you start right now?” He asked, but I thought it would be better to start with a fresh day. It was already well past Noon so I had mentioned my star sign to about thirty six people already including a bus driver, everyone in our morning meeting, a convenience store employee, whoever answered the psychic hotline I called, and several birds.

Getting Ready For The Day

The next morning I woke up feeling ready to experiment. As I went to get dressed I made sure to avoid the obvious clothing signatures of a Leo. For instance, I couldn’t wear my shirts that said, “I’m a Leo” or “Leos do it next to a pride of beautiful lions.” In fact a surprising amount of my wardrobe was blighted by Shawn’s challenge. I ended up throwing on a brown sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. Everyone knows that Leos don’t sweat so this was the perfect camouflage.

I caught my reflection in the bus shelter and couldn’t believe what I saw. Who was this girl in front of me? A Capricorn? An Aquarius maybe? It was impossible to tell. Who am I, if I’m not a Leo? Is it possible that I have so little personality and self awareness that I have to pretend like a personality ascribed by fake star magic defines me? Luckily the bus showed up before I could continue my introspection!

Interacting With The Public In My New Form

When I boarded the bus I encountered my first real obstacle of the day. It was a new bus driver. He had no clue I’m a Leo. I couldn’t even imagine how this interaction would go. Luckily he must have been greatly distracted because he didn’t ask me about my star sign at all. It was almost like he didn’t even care. (Obviously he was a Scorpio).

I now started to ask myself the hard questions. What if I didn’t have the same bus driver tomorrow? Would this stranger have to go his entire life wondering what my star sign is? This was going to be harder than I thought! I could see why Shawn gave me this assignment.

The rest of the day was filled with small missed opportunities. At the grocery store a woman told me that my salmon choice was bold. It was a perfecting opening to tell her that I’m a Leo and Leos make bold choices. I could totally tell she was a Pisces because she looked kind of like a fish. It was an opportunity for a true bonding moment with a really gross looking human being but I didn’t even take it. That’s how committed I am to going a full 24 hours without telling anyone my star sign.


As the day wound down I began to reflect on my choices and what I learned from this experiment. It was a challenging day and I found myself feeling really blessed that I could go right back to telling everyone I’m a Leo. In fact now that I know what it’s like to have to go without it I’ll probably say it twice as much tomorrow.

It’s crazy to think that if I were born in another country or to parents who were scientists I might not even know what astrology is. All of the time I’ve spent making star charts, reading horoscopes, and trying to communicate with lions at the zoo might have been spent on something else. At first I couldn’t understand why Shawn would give me this assignment but now I know. I need to be more vocal about my star sign. I’m going to go find that bus driver and tell him all about it. Thanks Shawn!

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