Mack Reveals His Favorite Disney Things (After A Week At Disney World, No Less)

January 18, 2022 by , featured in Macaulay Culkin
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Greetings, Macaulay Culkin fans! This week we sat down with our boss (and founder of this website), Macaulay Culkin, to discuss all things Disney. Mack just got back from a week at Disney World (and Disney technically owns Home Alone and Kevin McCallister now, thanks to the recent FOX/Disney merger)—so it only seemed right to ask him about his favorite Disney movies/TV shows/properties. Without further ado, here are Macaulay Culkin’s Disney experiences, ranked.

For more of Macaulay talking all things Disney check out this week’s newest podcast:

10. Dole Whip (with rum)

Mack: “Highly recommend. It’s ‘lish. But get the dark rum, not the light rum.”

9. Inside Out 

“I saw it for the first time last week and then watched it again. The scene where they have to leave Bing Bong made me cry … twice.”

8. The DuckTales theme song

“It’s honestly the best animated show theme song of all time.”

7. My New Beast Hat

“This is NOT the Beast hat. I was forced to wear a lot of hats this week.”

“Because my girlfriend is a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and I want her to stay with me forever and also love me if I turn into a monster.” [Editor’s note: We omitted Mack’s bestiality joke.]

6. Home Alone 

“Because now I’m a Disney princess.” [See: The recent FOX/Disney merger.]

5. Space Mountain 

“This ride is incredible. And side note: I’ve always wanted to ride it with the lights on. Can I do that?”

4. Aladdin

“Aladdin is probably my favorite classic animated Disney movie (not including Pixar). But I always felt bad for that very first vendor he steals the bread from. I want to know that guys story.”

3. The Avengers

“Because they finally made my nerdy comic book dreams come to life. I’ve seen the OG movie and Infinity War so many times.”

2. The Disney Mashup Of My Dreams

“Okay, this isn’t technically anything that really exists, but now that Disney owns so many intellectual properties the possibilities for a mashup are endless. I wanna see Luke, Kermit, Wolverine, Kevin McCallister, Mickey Mouse and a Na’vi on some sort of squad. They fight Darth Vader and Thanos. Make it happen, Disney!”

1. Disney’s Questionable Past 

“WWII propaganda, the birds in Dumbo, Song of the South. ‘Nuff said.”

There you have it: Macaulay Culkin’s Disney experiences, ranked! If you enjoy hearing about Macaulay Culkin talk about things and stuff, then you’ll probably also enjoy his podcast, Bunny Ears, available here, as well as on places like iTunes and Stitcher. He talks all things nostalgia, pop culture, and trivia. Also check out his shenanigans on YouTube here, and follow him on Instagram @culkamania and Twitter @IncredibleCulk for general going-ons.

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