Podcast F-U: Follow-Up To The Jeff Ross Ep

January 31, 2022 by , featured in Macaulay Culkin
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Welcome to our official Macaulay Culkin and Jeff Ross follow up—where we delve a little deeper into some of the things Mack and Jeff discussed during their Bunny Ears podcast conversation (available here!). If you listened to the ‘cast, you’ll know the guys got into everything from comedy, to yoga, to grandpas, and here’s just a little bit more.

1. The Story Behind Macaulay Culkin’s Guitar

Jeff can be heard strumming on Mack’s guitar at around minute 26 of their conversation. But if you know Mack, you know he doesn’t really play guitar.  Turns out he bought it at a fundraiser for the Scleroderma Research Foundation (Bob Saget, who lost his sister to the disease, is a board member and hosts the event annually). As Mack tells it,

“John Stamos was on stage helping auction off this Taylor Swift guitar, but to be honest this was a comedy crowd … not really a ‘Taylor Swift’ crowd. I felt bad that no one was buying it, so I bid a huge amount—on the condition that John would sign it. I won, went to grab it, and then pivoted away from John Stamos, claiming I had meant John Mayer (who was also there). It was good bit, and I ended up getting them both to sign—along with Norman Lear and a few other living legends. I then took it home and signed it myself—and have had a ton of my podcast guests sign it, too. My plan is to auction it off again at next year’s event.”

2. The Reason Mack Avoids Grandpas

Near the end of the ‘cast, Mack said, “Who wants to actually hang out with their grandpa?” This begs the question: What was Mack’s grandpa like? From Mack himself:

“He was a hunter-fisherman from North Dakota who talked out of the side of his mouth, and he’s literally the reason you don’t put a dart board on a door. Yep … he literally lost an eye opening a door while someone threw a dart. He lived to be 90 and lived about 70 years with only one eye. He once decided to take all us grandkids out on a trip to the Badlands, and all he brought was a rusty revolver and sandwiches made of baloney, mayonnaise, and Wonder Bread. That about sums him up.”

3. Mack’s Fitness Routine

Jeff Ross delved into how he regularly practices yoga. So what does Macaulay Culkin do to stay in shape, you ask? “Wine, cigarettes, and hunting the skunk that lives under my house. I don’t go to the gym. But when I do work out, I do push ups, sit ups, and lift cans of paint. Really, I do!”

4. Finally, what’s the deal with Mack’s plan to breed cats?

“I’m going to need a hobby when I’m old, and cats are adorable and fluffy. And cats over dogs because I’m a New Yorker and, well, city living (and they’re less inclined to shit on my rug). I’d probably breed big fluffy white ones – Ragdolls. It was between this and gardening, and roses don’t purr. “

Be sure to listen to the Bunny Ears podcast for more Macaulay Culkin! He talks dating famous actresses with Tom Green, getting old with Natasha Lyonne, child stardom with Devon Sawa— and much, much more.

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