Mack and Shawn’s Bunny Ears Q And A

November 3, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Hello friends, casual acquaintances, and potential angel investors. Mack here to tell you about this week’s episode of the Bunny Ears Podcast!  Shawn DePasquale, the Chief Creative Officer of Bunny Ears and the man who first advised me to create a tax shelter comedy site, joins me to answer fan’s questions pulled directly from Twitter in real time. Get ready for the official Macaulay Culkin Question and Answer episode!

Listen as I heroically hold in a pee for 57 minutes as we cover topics like how I ruined Ellen for Shawn’s mom, what Marvel Super Hero I’d want to play in the MCU, and also my idea for a sequel to 8 Heads In A Duffel Bag. We also address some wild speculation on what Kevin McCallister’s dad did for a living, the threat of male pattern finger-baldness, and the secret to making Star Wars into a single movie. Also featuring a minute of guided meditation with Luis Prada, an important news break from Mary Tyler Most, and my enthusiastic support of squatting at Busch Gardens, you dare not miss this episode. If you do, I’ll know.

— Dictated into my phone and then transcribed by the great Tom Reimann

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  1. I want to buy a shirt but i am afraid about delivery. Bc I am korean .. Can I buy that ? Give me reply ! I will wait !

  2. I love to hear you, buys. Especially Mack.
    I am a freelance translator, so if you even need to have anything translated into (proper) Spanish just let me know. I can be your slave/intern whenever you want.
    Have a great day, guys.

  3. I got to be on national tv when I was 14 thanks to Macauly Culkin. Montel Williams show in New York. Awesome trip, even better story to tell behind the whole thing. Love to chat sometime. Hollar back anytime

  4. Hello Mack. I’m writing to you because my brother’s wife Lindsey is a huge fan of yours. A die-hard home alone fan. It would mean the world to me if you could give her a shout out this Christmas as a gift for her. My brother and her just had their first baby girl this year. So a shout out from you would be super special this Christmas. Thanks again. Happy holidays!

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