Mack Reveals Whether Or Not He Considers Himself An A-Hole

March 4, 2022 by , featured in Macaulay Culkin
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It’s another Bunny Ears podcast follow up! This is the place where we dive a little deeper into what went down on the most recent episode of Macaulay Culkin’s Bunny Ears ‘cast. This week, Mack talked to actor and comedian Andy Richter—and, per usual—we had questions …

On this week’s podcast, you revealed that you are now the owner of Andy Richter’s old bird, Nacho (Andy can no longer keep him since he moved homes). Picture, please.

Thank you!

On LAST week’s podcast with The Purrrcast (technically not this week, we know, but we forgot to ask) you mentioned you volunteered at an animal shelter. How did that work given that you’re super famous and recognizable?

Mack: “So it was a rescue, not a shelter (there’s a difference!), but what I meant was I volunteered to foster kittens—I didn’t work at the actual facility. I’d watch a kitten for a day or a week. The best part about it was that your job was literally to play with them all day and get them used to human contact. The worst part was having to give them back. A lot of tears were shed, and it’s how I ended up owning like eight cats at one time. That’s literally why I had to stop working there. I kept keeping cats.”

Back to the Andy Richter ep, you mentioned that one of your brothers (who’s an actor) imitates people he knows who are like the character he’s playing. You said when he has to play an asshole, he imitates you. Is that true or were you just joshin’?

Mack: “I’m pretty sure that’s legitimate. It’s not anything he’d ever admit to, but my friends will watch him in roles where he’s an asshole, and then say, ‘He’s doing you.'”

This begs the question: Are you the family a-hole?

“I’ll say this: I’m a joker, I’m gregarious, and I’m an asshole all at the same time. Which is probably what an asshole would say?” [Editor’s note: The Bunny Ears staff have collectively had many, many bosses, and we can safely say that Mack is 100% not an a-hole. A least not to us!]

And finally, you mentioned that Brenda is afraid of birds. You now have a bird living in your office … so does this mean Brenda never goes in there any more?

Mack: “That would have been a good strategy, but no! She comes in and when Nacho is in a good mood I put him on her shoulder, and she’s okay with it. I’m working on them both, slowly but surely.”

For the full conversation between Mack and Andy Richter, listen here (also on iTunes and Stitcher)! And don’t forget to follow our fearless leader, Macaulay Culkin, on Instagram here, Twitter here, and subscribe to his YouTube channel (where he posts a wealth of hilarious content) here.

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