Mack Shares His Weirdest Paparazzi Story (Follow Up To The Bob Saget Ep!)

February 9, 2022 by , featured in Macaulay Culkin
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On this week’s follow up to the Bunny Ears podcast, we delve deeper into some of the things Macaulay Culkin talked about with comedian Bob Saget. We sat down with Mack and got answers to things including (but not limited to) Macaulay Culkin’s weirdest paparazzi story and Macaulay Culkin’s worst injury ever. Yep, we got the goods.

1.) Mack’s Beauty Routine

At the end of his conversation with Bob, Mack asks him what to do about dandruff (Bob recommends seeing a dermatologist, because he’s fancy). This begged the question: What’s Mack’s beauty routine, if any?

Mack: “I’ll refer you guys to my workout routine in the Jeff Ross follow up piece. Aka, wine, cigarettes, and chasing the skunk that currently lives under my house.” He also mentioned that he’s been “known to lift paint cans” instead of going to an actual gym.

2.) Mack’s Worst Injury Ever

Mack and Bob talk about Bob’s days as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos (as in the show where you mostly just watched people get hurt). So, what’s Macaulay Culkin’s worst injury, you ask?

Mack: “It was while I was touring with my band The Pizza Underground and we were taking the PATH train to New Jersey. For some reason I decided to slide down the partition separating the up and down elevators (don’t ask me why). The only thing is there were those metal bumps all the way down…ostensibly to prevent people from sliding down it exactly like I was. My right ass cheek hit every single one of them on the way down and then when I got to the bottom I hit the ground face first. Bit it hard. Like people stopping to ask ‘Are you okay, sir?’ hard. But no broken bones!”

3. Mack’s Weirdest Paparazzi Story

Mack and Bob discuss their differing approaches to the paparazzi at the very beginning of Part 2 of their conversation (Mack noted that his policy is to 100% ignore they exist). Which led us to ask, “Okay, but you have to have some weird stories, right?” Indeed he did.

Mack: “Okay, the weirdest, as in like, most surreal, happened around the holidays. It was probably around 1998 and I was walking down 5th Avenue doing some Christmas shopping. There was like five paparazzi guys with cameras just following me down the street—literally following my every move. As I’m walking, I look up and I see a guy walking towards me…and he’s also surrounded by like five guys with cameras. I get closer and it’s Woody Allen. When we get close enough, he just looks at me and gives me a knowing nod—and then we just keep going on our way. It was pretty crazy.”

If this piqued your fancy, you can listen to Parts 1 and 2 of the full Macaulay Culkin and Bob Saget conversation on Mack’s podcast here and here respectively. Enjoy, jerks!

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