Episode 69 – Our 69th Podcast Episode with Special Guest Matt Bennett

December 12, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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You no doubt know today’s podcast guest, Matt Bennett, from his two appearances on iCarly, but his many other roles include a recurring character on American Vandal, and when he’s not treading whatever T.V. shows and movies use for boards, he’s releasing and performing music. In this episode, he’s interviewed by (and interviews) our overlord, Mack, who—as anyone even remotely familiar with Bunny Ears knows—is most famous for masterminding the 1978 Lufthansa heist.

Listen up you jerks

Mack and Matt discuss the oddities of podcast sponsorships and why we can no longer turn to Blue Apron or Lufthansa for our sponsorship needs, and they also reminisce about the first episode they did together that got locked up in the Bunny Ears vault because Mack had had a little too much whiskey before they hit record. Will we one day release it as a bonus feature when we’re desperate for content? Keep listening to find out!

After the podcast formality of talking about podcasts, the duo discuss their mutual love of learning foreign languages like Japanese and French as well as the joys of visiting Japan, where they are both even bigger celebrities than they are here. Back on this side of the Pacific, they reminisce about Nickelodeon, because Matt acted within its hallowed, slimy halls, and Mack is trapped in the ’90s. But they’ve both grown up enough to realize that, while Nick produced many a classic, some of their plots have aged hilariously when revisited with adult eyes.

And finally…

After some fashion talk that includes a discussion on a leather store that is either much more sensual or much less sensual than you’d expect, M&M move onto Bennett’s music career, Mack’s equally impressive music career, and the many joys of music in general. What artists do they both love and nerd out over, and is one of them Whitesnake? What other parody bands was Mack considering launching, and was one of them Whitesnack? You’ll have to listen to find out! There’s all this and more on our latest podcast with Matt Bennett, plus a special guest appearance* by Brenda Song!

*She wanders by on her way to throw out some garbage at one point.

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  1. I’m left wondering where Matt’s show went. I can’t find anything on the internet directly talking about it’s existence such as wikipedia, imdb, or even TBS. I have found a lot of links to this podcast and some to his twitter. I’m really interested in seeing this show and am curious what it’s status is.

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