Meditation Techniques That Are Basically Just Listening to the Original “Destiny’s Child” On Repeat

October 17, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Meditation trains the mind just like fitness trains the body. Many meditation techniques exist — so how do you learn how to meditate? I will tell you:


Concentration meditation involves focusing on a single point.  Allow yourself to release any tension from the BILLS, BILLS, BILLS you have and remember that you are an INDEPENDENT WOMAN! This is your designated time to sit down, relax, and CATER 2 U. I know some of these elements just sound like the original Destiny’s Child songs, but trust me, GIRL. If you take a few minutes out of your day to show gratitude for the original members of Destiny’s Child, maybe you’d see Beyonce isn’t the only star of the group. Alright, on to the next meditation step.


Don’t LOSE YOUR BREATH, although your heart and mind may be JUMPIN’, JUMPIN  stay close to your EMOTION and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.  Okay, okay this step DID happen to have a few Destiny’s Child songs in it.  But it’s good to remind yourself that they were a big thing before Beyonce broke free and altered all of our lives.  Their songs were really good, I swear.  Before you go onto the next step just go back and re-listen to their first 3 albums.


You are a SOLIDER if THROUGH LOVE. It’s important to develop equanimity around the thoughts that will bubble to the surface once you sit down and really start to let the brain breathe. We are constantly in thought funnels, and it’s a BAD HABIT but LOVE will be your NEW WAY TO WALK.  Allow your mind to wander, just don’t engage the painful thoughts like “IS SHE THE REASON“? Or what to do “NOW THAT SHE’S GONE“? Those thoughts can be filed under BUG-A-BOO and gently let go of. What? Destiny’s Child had amazing grammy winning songs before Beyonce took all the cake for herself.  They deserve a little recognition from time to time, use this meditation to send vibrations of awareness to the original member’s of Destiny’s Child.  Push play to their last 2 albums, available on Spotify I think!


Finding a mantra that fits your intentions is hard, you may start to think of one and then “NO, NO, NO!” rings out in your mind.  You may have negative mental talk, calling yourself a “NASTY GIRL” or saying your body is too “BOOTYLICIOUS” but if you begin to take up the idea of self-love and compassion, soon it’ll be “SECOND NATURE” to think of yourself in a positive light. You can repeat the mantra; “I am a SOILDER! I am a SEXY DADDY! GET ON THE BUS and STAND UP FOR LOVE!” See?  Meditation isn’t that hard.  It’s as smooth as a beautiful 1997-2001 girl R & B group that was dismantled by a queen B grappling for her spotlight.

I understand this may be a new approach, maybe even a controversial one.  Most people seek out meditation after they have hit rock bottom.  Those same people probably think the original Destiny’s Child was comprised of Michelle, Kelly, and Beyonce, but fail to see that the ORIGINAL Destiny’s Child was Latoya, LaTavia, Michelle, and Beyonce!  They all made incredible songs that bolstered Beyonce’s solo career, and nobody ever talks about it.  I digress, meditation can be such a loving supportive friend if you allow it to be.  Unlike Beyonce was to those other 3 members.  I mean I guess she let them perform with her for 5 out of the 90 minutes she was on stage at Coachella, but come on—they made SAY MY NAME together for heaven’s sake. Look, taking up a mindfulness practice is very helpful in attempting to achieve peace and harmony in your life, a harmony like Destiny’s Child had in their 2001 hit GOSPEL which by the way, Beyonce would have never had the range to sing by herself.   Use the above tips to get into a meditation practice and listen to the original members of Destiny’s Child on repeat! Namaste.

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