I’m A Doctor And Vince McMahon’s Grapefruit-Sized Testicles Are Not Normal

April 26, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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I’m a licensed, board-certified andrologist specializing in male reproductive health. I’m also a lifelong wrestling fan and I just have to put this out there: World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vince McMahon’s grapefruit-sized testicles are not normal.

This horrific genital mutation was first mentioned by Mr. McMahon in the late 1990s—specifically when he was talking about his “toughness.” This is a false equivalency for several reasons. One, toughness is a state of mind and it is (as of now) not stored in the genitals. Two, if Mr. McMahon’s testicles are truly grapefruit-sized, he should seek medical help.

No Chance in Hell Those Balls Are Healthy

One could assume that Mr. McMahon’s grapefruit-sized testicles were caused by massive trauma from his lifetime of taking low blows from various superstars in the ring, but those particular blows would only lead to his testicles swelling to the size of a large kiwi or apple. Enlarged testicles, especially of the “grapefruit-sized” variety are more likely a sign of chronic inflammation, infection, or at the very least, poor circulation to his scrotal region. I’ve seen a lot of balls in my day, and balls of that size are very, very concerning.

I have not seen Mr. McMahon’s testicles firsthand, but they do not appear to be grapefruit-sized based on a quick scan of his WWE television appearances. However, why would he make false claims about the size of his genitals? There’s of course a chance that Mr. McMahon simply does not know what a grapefruit is, or the market where he purchases grapefruits only sell grapefruits of a similar size to your standard testicle. I’m not a grocer, so it’s hard for me to say.

Scrotal Elephantiasis?

Now, I can’t make a proper diagnosis without scheduling an appointment with Mr. McMahon, but if you are a friend, loved one, or coworker of his, I STRONGLY recommend that he see a physician about his grapefruit-sized testicles, and if you aren’t friends with him, but you have Twitter, I ask that you tweet this article at him to make sure he sees it. If his testicles truly are the size of grapefruits and not just the size of regular testicles, we might be running out of time.

Image(s): WWE, Unsplash

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