Mobile Board Yoga Is Revolutionizing The Fitness And Wellness World

September 15, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Mobile board yoga, the newest Hollywood fitness craze, is the real deal. Imagine flying through the air, free of all the worry and self-imposed stress that tie us to the ground. Moving your body in flow with the board is the ultimate goal, and with a lot of practice, it becomes intuitive and beautiful.

My journey began on a sunny Monday morning in August, when I received a text from an unknown number with an address. I instantly knew I had moved up the waitlist and I was about to experience mobile board yoga for the first time. An hour later, I pulled up to a modest ranch-style home in the San Fernando Valley, where I was greeted by my guru, Trevor. He had a strong, quiet presence, not saying much more than “‘sup” as he led me around the house to his backyard concrete dojo.

Guru Trevor then introduced me to what will hopefully become my lifelong companion: the board. Mobile board yoga revolves around a long, flat board incorporating the timelessness of wood and equipped with four wheels, humankind’s first invention. I felt like I was discovering an entirely new vessel that perfectly blended these beautifully primitive concepts.

Over the next six hours, Guru Trevor guided me through different poses (the guru has a beautiful sense of humor, so he referred to them as “tricks”) and showed me how to move through our defined space with the board. As my body twisted and turned, I could feel how my posture, balance, attitude, weight distribution, and positive thinking guided my direction. Every time I fell down, Guru Trevor encouraged me to get back up and “be gnarlier.” I left that experience a changed man.

The best part of mobile board yoga is that it’s extremely eco-friendly. Guru Trevor’s dojo was created by recycling the space that was once used as a backyard pool, which was drained to conserve water. When I’m engaging in mobile board yoga, I not only feel good about my body, I feel good about my footprint and relationship with Mother Gaia.

My life has completely changed since taking up mobile board yoga. My core feels stronger, I’m using the word “rad” a lot more, I’m spending more time outdoors, and even though my legs have a few more bruises and scrapes, I’m feeling more alive.

I’ve been getting a group of friends together to board around our neighborhood and through our newly drained pools as we practice the moves. I even passed on the sacred knowledge of how to build your own mobile board that Guru Trevor bestowed onto me, so maybe I’ll be a great guru one day, too.

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