Romantic Getaways For You And Your Twin Brother

July 1, 2022 by , featured in Relationships
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There isn’t a closer and more profound relationship than the one between twins. Your double and you have been inseparable since, literally, always (you were once womb-mates!), and maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship with your twin is incredibly important to you. But it takes work to keep the spark alive. So consider the following romantic getaways for you and your twin brother.

1. A Mountain Cabin

Book yourselves a little cabin in a ski resort or mountain village. And don’t worry about it getting too cold—you’ll remember all the things you love about him when you sit by the roaring fireplace and stare into his eyes, which are also your eyes.

2. Paris

The “city of love” is bursting with lovely things for lovers—sorry, we means twins—to do. Buy matching berets, feed each other croissants, or leave two locks on that one bridge. You could even plan a super special scavenger hunt: Leave clues at major landmarks, and write them in your special secret twin language.

3. A “Couples Retreat”

Also called a sex workshop, it’s like a summer camp for grown, (usually) married adults. But there’s no reason twins can’t go, too! Guided along by an “intimacy coach,” monogamous partners engage in a series of sensual activities to explore each other’s bodies. That means you’ll reconnect on a spiritual and physical level by eating chocolate off of one another’s identical genitals.

4. A Hotel Room

Maybe all you need is just a couple of days without the distractions and complications of everyday life. Send your bizarre malformed children to your mutual grandparents, turn the phones off, and just get a nice hotel room. Order room service, watch movies, and meet up in the hotel bar and pretend to be strangers, who also happen to be doppelgängers. Then “pick him up” and take him upstairs for a bit of exhilarating role-play fun.

5. A Trip to Wine Country

Sample some of the best wines the world has to offer while surrounded by the beauty of the Napa Valley. Then, when you’re good and hammered, head back to your cheap hotel room and bone like you did for the first time after prom, in a similarly cheap hotel room you secretly checked into after you ditched your dates.

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