Mack and Seth Green Talk Seth’s New Movie ‘Changeland’ and the ‘GoT’ Finale

December 29, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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What’s up, Warren? Ready for a super special episode of the Bunny Ears podcast? Of course, you are. This week, Macaulay Culkin sits down with his longtime friend, Seth Green (Party Monster, Robot Chicken) to talk comic books, superhero movies, and Seth’s directorial debut Changeland (NOT Changelund, no matter how bad Mack tries to make that happen).

The guys set a movie date so Seth can force Mack to finally watch the perfection that is Into The Spider-Verse. Mack and Seth get wistful and sentimental thinking about the end of the MCU as we know it.

We also learn that Mack never watched Game of Thrones, because he’s cool and sophisticated. Apparently, Brenda was unhappy with the ending. Seth loved it and thinks fans were outraged because they don’t like seeing characters they love doing things that make them uncomfortable.

The boys then dunk on another huge Disney property: The new Star Wars movies … Which both of them hate. Things get sappy when Mack and Seth start talking about their time together filming Changeland in Thailand (oh yeah, Macaulay Culkin’s in Changeland! Did you know that?). Seth raves about Mack’s performance and genius ad-libbing—he even did his own stunts!

Mack’s cats interrupt the podcast once again, and Mack congratulates Seth on Robot Chicken‘s 10th season and upcoming 200th episode. Seth wants to let everyone know Changeland will be available everywhere you can get your hands on a movie from streaming sites to iTunes on June 7th.

Seth Green also plugs his Twitter account, which you should go follow. And the guys decide to end the episode after chit-chatting for a full hour because they are grown-ups with lives. Now, check out the full Changeland trailer below:


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  1. In Re: GoT — For me/my friends, it was more how the writing/direction of the season was so “wrong”, it was almost bizarre to watch. That is, the acting was great — no issue there, especially with Peter Dinklage — but rather the choice of character elements and plot points: everything from not allowing proper time to show Danaerys’ mental decline, the (highly questionable) narrative positioning of the battle against the Night King, Jon Snow’s questionable presence for basically *anything* ever for any reason, Breanna’s going from a strong/purposeful woman to an essentially jilted-after-sex-on-prom-night teenage girl, Jaime’s utterly failed redemption arc after 7 seasons of build-up to absolutely nothing, and so many other examples. If it was any one, two or even three (big or small) of those things, it would be “Okay — you can’t/shouldn’t always get what you want… that’s what keeps it more “credible” as a dangerous-setting narrative…”… but it was just so questionably plotted that I look at those who think it was acceptable, let alone good, and go “Dude… *seriously*…? — _really_ …? — this is slo-mo train wreck in-action…”. But to each their own…

    In Re: The Last Jedi/the current SW trilogy — Yeah. Talk about a poorly plotted/written production. TLJ, though of course visually beyond reproach, was a bad film with some good scenes scattered across it but overall just the anti-The Empire Strikes Back; whereas the latter is considered one of the best sequels in a franchise for any genre, the former is such a drop/dip it’d be laughable except that it’s such a part of pop-culture life it’s just too sad to even laugh at it. Such a shame. (Hopefully TRoS will redeem this trilogy at least to some degree. I/my friends will be seeing it because we’re basically too pot-committed to it at this point — some of use have been with SW since the 70s as kids — so here’s hoping… lol)

    In Re: your podcast (or not-podcast, as you essentially called it before, lol) in general. Have only listened to three so far (in no particular order), but I actually like them. Will listen to more…

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