Make Your Torso Famous With These MUST-HAVE T-Shirts

August 30, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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A heartbreaking statistic has recently been brought to our attention: Less than 1% of the population is famous. Here at Bunny Ears, where most of us have been famous for most of our lives, this is difficult to understand. Have you maybe just… tried being famous? Listen, whatever your reasoning, we can assure you, life is better when you are wealthy and beloved by all.

So what are you waiting for? Take that first step to stardom by visiting the Bunny Ears store and getting yourself a shirt painstakingly crafted by celebrities, and guaranteed* to make your torso famous. Give yourself a taste of the limelight today with some of our stunning new designs.

devon sawa
Devon Sawa

This shirt will definitely skyrocket your mid-section to the height of celebrity, but has the added bonus of tricking strangers into thinking you starred in LITTLE GIANTS and FINAL DESTINATION, which may actually make your face famous, as well!


Simple. Elegant. Guaranteed* to put you at the top of Hollywood’s A-List. This design pays homage to one of the Best Fonts Of The Year (1957). Did you know that Helvetica is considered a “neo-grotesque” font design? Be bold. Be fashionable. Be neo-grotesque.

Stop trying to live as a normie. Embrace your destiny as a member of the impossibly famous and successful Hollywood elite.

*Guarantees not guaranteed

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  1. Forever will we be greatful as Bunnys for this one last vestige of fame. To think we pathetic, lowly mortals could but dawn a simple bit of garb and be transformed to the heights of a Devon Sawa look-alike. Truly we are not worthy for these great and mighty powers the God Bunny’s themselves have bestowed upon us. Long live Culkin, and long live Cohen, true stars among us

  2. I asked a few mins ago on what was up with Devon Sawa mentions. I “Sherlock Holmes” It and believe its just a joke between to the two. Lol. Boys will be boys

  3. Dear I’m Dima. I’m glad that Macaulay Culkin has a website, bunnyears and instagram ! I guess I’ve been waiting for this ! bunnyears has viewed, love it ! I am very glad this site what it is and not like any other hell !I love Macaulay Culkin and always experiencing all the UPS and downs ! I personally am not familiar with it , but I know that this is a temporary phenomenon ! More than anything, I childhood dream to meet the hero of Christmas ! Love and waiting for new news on the site! Thank you very much for what you have! With respect Dima !…

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