Indie Wrestling Superstars You’ve Never Heard Of (Because They’re Babies)

January 24, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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All of us real wrestling fans like to be on the ground floor when it comes to the next wrestling indie darling, but with AEW and New Japan gaining popularity, it’s getting harder and harder to find the next big things before they hit the mainstream. So here’s a list of the best up-and-coming talent that will help you stay on the bleeding edge of smart mark.

4. El Poocho

When it comes to Lucha-style wrestling, you’re never too young to run the ropes—or in El Poocho’s case, you’re never too young to crawl them. From his papusa con hilo to his safety scissors take-down, this baby is made for wrestling. Just make sure his matches end before 6 P.M., otherwise he gets cranky and no le gusta. Also he’s a baby so, you know … probably don’t make him wrestle.

3. Lydia “Full Diaper” Ginero

You’d think this darling little girl with her chubby little cheeks and ankles would be a top baby face, but you’d be more wrong than an inside out diaper. As she showed in her nine-minute Iron Man match at last month’s PWB, this baby’s got claws. Plus, she cleared the entire crowd using nothing but her diaper as a foreign object. Also, please don’t make her wrestle. She is a baby after all.

2. Dirk Barrage


While almost a toddler, this soon-to-be hardcore legend has amazed crowds all around the HTD (Happy Turtle Daycare) scene. Known for being the “bad boy” of babies, Dirk specializes in the more violent styles of wrestling. Anything from his “The Floor is Lava” matches to his death defying “Loser Has To Eat A Booger” classics will surely grab your attention like a baba of warm milk. Just don’t tell his older sister, because she ruins everything. Also, wow. Babies shouldn’t be wrestling. This has to stop.

1. Lisa Brayden

At two weeks old, she’s the youngest on this list, but she’s here for good reason. She has … um … well she’s very good at … specializing in … look, man, it’s a baby. I mean, I guess she could be a good wrestler eventually but two weeks is too young. This is getting insane. She needs training, experience, and time for her soft, malleable head to harden. We have to wait until she’s at least six months before we definitely know otherwise. It’s dangerous, immoral, and, frankly, bad business.

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  1. No its just maybe those kids just dont want to be in an arrainged fight. Maybe they know what they are doing. Its not your jobs to force your kids to fight. If they want to fight they will. They have free will. That cant be taken away. They dont want to. Kids can be friends they dont have to fight all the time. I mean i understand your points of view and respect them.

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