Sexy Role-Playing Tips For Your AEW-Obsessed Partner

September 21, 2019 by , featured in Wrestling
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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) stepped onto the scene in early 2019, and it’s already taking the wrestling world by storm. And it’s only gonna get bigger now that AEW will be premiering on TNT on October 2nd. Naturally, couples all across the country are figuring out how to incorporate the new league into their sex lives, so we’re taking it upon ourselves to provide some bedroom tips for role-playing as some of wrestling’s biggest stars. Get ready to spice things up!

Chris Jericho

AEW-Obsessed Partner

If you’re looking to bring new energy into the bedroom, break down those walls and enter the ring (bed) as AEW’s first champion, Chris Jericho. Your partner will see you in a more powerful and confident light, and you’ll now have a sweet scarf collection—which is sure to drive them wild. As a bonus, you can play “hide-the-belt” and “lose” the championship belt just like the real-life Jericho!

The American Nightmare

AEW-Obsessed Partner


Step into the sheets and ride straight to Lust Town as the Executive Vice President of AEW, Cody Rhodes. Role-playing as Cody gives your partner the chance to take on a submissive role, which can be exciting for those who are usually in control. Just be careful: Stepping into Cody’s shoes can dangerously inflate your ego, which could cause relationship problems down the road.

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Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes is Cody’s weird, scary older brother, so we recommend this one for Halloween! (Or just when you’re ready to get real freaky.) However, use a lot of caution when role-playing as Dustin. Practice using safe words and know when it’s time to give each other both a physical and mental break. Also, get comfortable with gold body paint.

Jungle Boy

Interested in shedding your “people suit” and getting wild? Step into the Jungle Boy character next time you and your partner go to pound town. You’ll find that communication with your S.O. moves beyond words to literal grunts of passion as you swing through the trees of each other’s bodies and minds. Just remember: Jungle Boy role-play isn’t for novices, so you should definitely work up to this one.

At the end of the day, if your partner is as obsessed with AEW as the rest of us, they’ll be turned on by any mention of anyone or anything associated with it—so you really can’t go wrong here. Good luck!

Image: Pexels, WWE

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