Were The Bananas In Pajamas Just Clinically Depressed?

January 4, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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If you’re a ‘90s kid, you probably grew up watching the lovable Bananas in Pajamas. And, well, we’re just gonna come out and say this: Wearing pajamas all day every day isn’t whimsical; it’s a classic sign of clinical depression. If the bananas can’t even work up the energy to get dressed before going out in public, what else aren’t they doing? Showering? Eating? They certainly aren’t doing their jobs.

Seemingly every week they’re assigned a simple task, only to immediately botch it and resort to petty lies and deceit. Once they even built an elaborate fantasy about being garden gnomes simply to escape their failures as bananas. Is that the behavior of mentally stable bananas?

Of course it isn’t.

And while B1 and B2 are clearly not getting enough B12, that’s perhaps the least of their worries. This is a dangerously codependent relationship. It’s good to have a friend or, perhaps in their case, lover, to rely on, but you also need space to be an independent banana. Yet by sewing their own names on their garments while insisting on traveling everywhere—even down the stairs—as a pair, the bananas are practically screaming to the world that they’re incapable of functioning on their own.

bananas in pajamas

The Bottom Line

The bananas are wasting so much time chasing teddy bears when they should be chasing independence and self-actualization.

But let’s be clear where the blame lies: Cuddles Avenue has a disastrously regressive attitude towards mental health. The teddy bears indulge the bananas’ bizarre fantasies, Rat watches them fail task after task without comment, and absolutely no one raises questions about the bananas performing their beach patrol duties in pajamas (attire wildly unsuited for the job and a clear sign that something is amiss in their personal lives). Maybe their supposed friends don’t want to risk an uncomfortable conversation, or maybe they’re selfishly putting their own needs first. Neither option is helping.

Since No One Else Wants To Say It, We Will:

The bananas need to split. They need to pursue their own lives for their mutual good, lest their depression and codependency rot them to their cores. It’s frankly irresponsible for anyone to watch and enjoy their antics until they stop being depressed Bananas in Pajamas, and instead ripen into the Bananas Living Their Best Lives.

Images: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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