Beauty Gifts I Bought For You But Then Kept For Myself

February 15, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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The holidays are closer than you think ya’ll, and it’s always good to have a handy dandy list of the best beauty gifts to buy for your friends. I buy gifts for my friends all the time! Then I keep them for myself and just tell them how great they were because it’s the thought that counts, right? Isn’t it nice to know that I thought of you, and because of that my hair looks amazing? So check out some of the awesome beauty gifts I bought for you this year and then kept for myself.

1. A Super Cute Travel Hair Dryer

A mini hairdryer makes traveling easy. You have so much more room in your suitcase. It’s way more powerful than those crappy hair dryers that hotels provide. I know you would have loved it if I hadn’t decided to keep it for myself. You should really get one.

2. A Collection of Ten Travel Size Mascaras

This would have been such a sweet gift for you because I know your eyelashes are super tiny and gross. I really wish I could have given you this one, but sadly, even though my eyelashes are naturally long and pretty, I suddenly got the urge to duct tape all ten of these together and make one super mascara. Then I used it to knight my dog Lady Mascara of Mascara Mountain. It was fun and I know you just want me to have fun, so you’re welcome! You should do something about those eyelashes, though.

3. Revitalizing Carrot Juice That I Drank Half Of

Carrot juice has amazing skin revitalizing qualities, so I made sure to pick you up a spare one at my last wellness retreat—and I actually only drank half! But then I accidentally threw the other half away. Whoops!

4. Goat Nipple Face Mask

You know how you have that horrible skin condition? Well, I did a lot of research and I found the one thing that can fix it! However, it’s so important to note that this face mask is made from goat nipples. Not their milk, their full nipples. The cure is in the nipple meat. Anyway, I really would have loved to give this one to you, but it seemed like my dog really wanted to eat it, and you know I can’t say no to her! She’s so cute. Plus, she’s a knight. I’m not sure if you can afford to buy it for yourself, but maybe save up for it? You reeeeally need it.

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