4 Times Brock Lesnar Definitely Fell In Love During A Match

April 8, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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A lot of people think of Brock Lesnar as a massive brute, a lumbering 300 lb. gorilla who’s only good at hurting people. But those people underestimate the Beast Incarnate—he has a big heart, and that heart is both open to and ready for love. And while he’s technically married to Sable, all of Brock’s friends know (and have told him, over big glasses of wine) that she’s not his person; that he settled after having his heart broken so many times. And when you see the kind of connections he’s made in the ring, it’s hard to argue. Here are just some of the moments when Brock Lesnar fell in love during a match.

1. Playing Rough with Roman Reigns

You can tell this is still early in Brock’s quest for love, because he’s picking on Roman Reigns like a kid with a crush on the playground. Sometimes, when you’re so full of feelings for someone, you don’t know what to do besides German suplex them over and over again at WrestleMania.

2. Seeing Himself Mirrored in The Rock’s Eyes

Has Brock ever found a connection as strong as the one he found at SummerSlam 2003 with The Rock? During their WWE Championship match, The Rock and Brock simultaneously leapt to their feet and, in that moment, knew that they belonged together. You can see the connection form, and it’s beautiful.

Unfortunately, The Rock wasn’t “in a place” to be in a relationship. He went to the airport and flew straight to Hollywood directly after this match. Brock, of course, went after him, because a love like that was worth fighting for. Security let him through after he told them he was in love, and Brock sprinted to the gate … just as the plane door closed. The Rock was gone, and Brock was left alone.

3. Feeling Loved For the First Time

Look at the look on Brock’s face. He’s truly found someone who makes him feel safe, valued, and loved in Vince McMahon. Both men knew it could never work—Brock is a wrestler, Vince the WWE Chairman—but the connection has definitely lasted throughout the years. That’s the only way to explain Vince giving Brock millions of dollars to work for three hours a year.

4. Lovingly Lifting The Undertaker to Carry Him to the Hospital

After a brutal match with The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar was finally honest with himself about how he felt about the Deadman—he realized there was no one in the whole world he’d rather F5. Here we see Brock lifting The Undertaker on his shoulders to get him to a local hospital. Once they got there, the doctors put The Undertaker on a gurney. Brock tried to follow, but was told the back rooms were for “family only.” The Undertaker started to say, “He is family,” but it was too late—Brock was already out of earshot.

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