How To Prolong Feeling Centered Through ‘Emotional Edging’

February 1, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Life in the modern world is hectic, and I’ve admittedly found myself stressed and overwhelmed. I often never took the time to just be. That is until I discovered something called emotional edging. You take yourself to the brink of feeling calm and centered, then stop right before you’re at one with the universe. Because then when you do, it’s gonna feel so good.

How It Works

I practice for 20 minutes a day. I close my eyes and clear my head of all thoughts. When I feel like I’m on the brink of not thinking about anything at all, I’ll intentionally interrupt myself by thinking about something that stresses me out, like my credit card bills. Or sometimes I go for something spiritually unarousing, like baseball, or old people kissing. Sometimes I’ll even interrupt myself with a grating sound, like a car alarm, or a recording of a woman screaming.

At the end of my practice, I always feel more agitated than when I started—and that’s the point. The spiritual blue balls hurts so good. I know that once I finally do let myself get centered, it’s going to feel fucking amazing. Like, ugh, a rush of inner peace. Oh fuck. I’m getting so emotionally hard just thinking about it.

And The Results Speak For Themselves

After practicing emotional edging for a little over a year, I have yet to achieve the clarity I set out to find, but I’m happy with the results. I’m more agitated and stressed than when I started. I’m also constantly cranky. But I feel like I’m close … so close … almost there …

I’ve been begging my spiritual healer to let me feel just the tip of being centered. But he always reminds me that this is about discipline. Oh god. Oh my god. I think just thinking about it made me become one with the universe. Oh god. Oh, that’s good.

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