How To Look Like A French Girl, Specifically Children’s Media Sensation Madeline

June 3, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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The French have it all: style, class, universal healthcare, funny accents – basically everything we’re striving towards. You may only be able to dream of living above a Parisian cafe, hon-hon-hon-ing at people and not being bankrupt by medical bills, but there’s no reason you can’t look like a French fashion plait, specifically classic children’s book character Madeline. Here’s what you’ll need to look like that little French girl.


French fashion is all about simplicity. You only need two dresses, one blue and one yellow, in the same flirty short cut with a stylish white Peter Pan collar. This look is zero fuss – the French are too busy pondering deep philosophical problems and how to frighten Miss Clavel to worry about coordinating their outfits every day.

french girlAccessories

This is where your individuality really gets a chance to shine, which is necessary when you’re wearing the same dress as 12 little girls in two straight lines. You’ll want a variety of neck wear in a variety of colors. Usually, you’ll probably want to stick to a simple red ribbon, but you can jazz it up with a yellow or white business tie when you’re feeling adventurous. Save those looks for globe-trotting trips that seem outside the budget of a small boarding school run by nuns. White gloves are a must, as is a yellow boater hat encircled by a black ribbon tied in a bow at the back. For footwear, sensible white socks and black Mary Jane shoes never go out of style. Remember, the French walk, and run away with Pepito, everywhere.


Standing out in small but surprising ways is one of the most mysterious but essential qualities of French fashion. That’s why, though all the other little girls in your boarding school are blonde and brunette, you must opt for a fiery red. Contrast your bold color with a practical cut like a rounded wedge bob but with inexplicably center-parted bangs to form an unexpected symmetry with the collar of your dress. It’s all in the details, mon cherie.

french girl


The simple elegance of French fashion demands a natural look. Spruce yourself up with some clear mascara and a touch of concealer if you must, but for the most authentic look, be advised that the French don’t wear makeup. Also, children. Children don’t wear makeup.


Your outlook and lifestyle are at least as important as your apparel when it comes to the French aesthetic. You must live in an old house in Paris covered in vines, and you must leave the house at half past 9, in rain or shine. You must smile at the good, frown at the bad, and sometimes be very sad. You must not be afraid of mice. You must love winter, snow, and ice. To the tiger in the zoo, you must just say “Pooh pooh!” Above all, you must be the smallest. If there is one smaller than you, throw them into Seine. They only have themselves to blame.

That’s all there is to it! There isn’t anymore.

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