Jim Ross Has An ASMR Channel And We’re So Stressed Out

April 16, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” and it describes the tingling sensation we get when we listen to sounds like gentle whispering or light finger napping. A lot of people watch ASMR videos on YouTube to relax or even fall asleep, and many of the channels are incredibly popular. But one I positively despise is the one run by legendary WWE and AEW announcer Jim Ross.

Don’t Slobberknock It Until You Try It

I was sitting back, earphones in, listening to JR whisper soothing words into the microphone, when all of a sudden he started yelling, “BAH GOD! BAH GOD! THEY KILLED HIM! THEY KILLED HIM!” I think he was seeing his dog go after a squirrel through the window and just couldn’t contain his reaction.

Granted, there are millions of ASMR channels on the internet, but none of them have the folksy charm of Jim Ross, which I personally find comforting … most of the time. The problem is that good ol’ JR just can’t seem to achieve a normal human whisper. And I get it. The man made a name for himself calling the biggest moments in pro wrestling history into his microphone. He has to sell the emotion of the moment. It just makes it pretty hard to relax with JR screaming “GO TO SLEEP KID!! MAKE YOURSELF FAMOUS!!”

You’re Listening to the Real Deal Now

I will say I enjoyed most of JR’s “10 ASMR Trigger Sounds” video, especially when he was running makeup brushes along the microphone and turning pages of an old book. I did not, however, appreciate his use of a ring bell, both when he rang it over and over into the mic or when he cracked it against the skull of former Intercontinental and European Champion D’Lo Brown.

It also doesn’t help that JR tries to lull his audience into relaxation by asking them to picture themselves in a peaceful, relaxing locale. “Imagine you’re in your happy place, he says, “Whether it’s on the beach, or in a quiet woods, or when surrounded by 12 TONS OF MERCILESS STEEL INSIDE HELL IN A CELL! MY GOD! THE BARBARISM! THE BRUTALITY!”

All that said, while I don’t care for JR’s ASMR channel, it’s admittedly better than Jerry “The King” Lawler’s mindfulness videos (“Close your eyes! AH! Picture leaves floating down a stream! AHHHH!”)

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