Fetish Of The Month: JTT In A Lion Costume

May 15, 2022 by , featured in Fetish Of The Month
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Remember when Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) played a lion in The Lion King? Remember how smoking hot he was even though he was a cartoon? Remember how he made you feel things that you couldn’t identify, but knew you had to stuff it down inside you and never tell a single soul about the intense lust you had for a two-dimensional drawing with the voice of a teenager?

Yeah, we do, too.

Those images of JTT being all feline and two-dimensional made something happen for us, but it completely went away once we saw the human boy’s face that went with the sultry savanna voice. JTT in Home Improvement? Gross. JTT in Man of the House? Also gross. JTT in Wild America? We just vomited in our mouths. There’s no stronger lady-boner killer than having JTT’s human form pop into your head when you’re getting your Lion King on.

No, we’re not furries. No judgment, but an adult person dressed up like a stuffed animal weirds us out as much as behind-the-scenes footage of JTT recording his part in The Lion King. That is, of course, unless it’s JTT after cutting off the skin from a Simba plush toy and then draping it around himself like an animal pelt.

And just to be clear, we don’t have a thing for actual lions. Sexually objectifying animals is all sorts of wrong, and we’re pretty sure we would die immediately if we ever tried to mate with one. We’re specifically into JTT dressed as a lion, although maybe if JTT stood behind a lion so we couldn’t see him and then just started talking so it looked like his voice was coming from the lion, we might be able to get on board. There’s still the risk of mauling, though.

Bottom line: It’s truly just the idea of the actor as a lion that’s turning us on. He’s the king of this jungle! (And by “jungle,” we of course mean our genitals). That’s why, when we get the chance to finally sleep with JTT (which isn’t technically impossible), we’re putting him in a lion costume ASAP. We’ve got one ready to go if/when that day arrives.

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