Mack Answers Your Dumb Questions: ‘What’s Your Favorite Grilled Cheese Recipe?’

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Hello friends,

It’s Macaulay Culkin again, taking a break from foot racing a pod of dolphins to answer your questions. And by “your questions” I mean “exactly one question.” Today’s question was selected solely by my illiterate falcon (the literate one has been confined to bed rest after trying to read Noam Chomsky to impress a girl falcon and accidentally flying into a windmill).

Melanie Moats asks:

“Yo Macaulay Culkin, what’s your favorite typa grilled cheese?”

Melanie, this is an excellent question for many fascinating reasons, and I will describe all of them to you now. First, I don’t believe in the concept of “favorites.” My likes and dislikes exist on an ever-shifting spectrum. Today, I may love steak, but tomorrow, I could say, “Go to hell, steak. Badminton is where it’s at.” It’s impossible to know. I wake up a new Macaulay Culkin every morning, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever continuously made.

Second, “grilled cheese” is somewhat of a misnomer.

You see, while grilled cheese is prepared on a stove top or flat grill, it’s technically fried, because the heat is transferred through butter or Pam or whatever you put on there. You don’t just throw a dry sandwich on a grill. Otherwise, it’s a panini. Or like, a Philly cheese steak. Also, your kitchen is probably on fire.

Third, I don’t believe different types of grilled cheese exist.

Sure, you can use different kinds of cheese. One person may prefer American cheese while someone else might like Swiss. But once you start cramming other ingredients in there like bacon and avocado, it’s not really a grilled cheese anymore, right? It’s just a bacon, avocado and melted cheese sandwich. This is a very nuanced topic, Melanie, and I thank you for provoking this discussion.

Today’s Macaulay Culkin’s Favorite Grilled Cheese is a grilled macaroni and cheese, which I call a Grilled Mack. (As I previously explained, my likes and dislikes change on a daily—sometimes hourly—basis, so the ingredients of a Grilled Mack are never the same. The main thing that makes a Grilled Mack a Grilled Mack is the fact that I’m the one eating it.)

But here are the basics.

I get two slices of bread and polish them up on both sides with spreadable butter. (Regular butter is too hard and tears the bread, and then no one gets a Grilled Mack.) I cut open a bag of Kraft Deluxe cheese from a Kraft Mac & Cheese box, and use it to write the word “CHEESE” on the inside of both pieces. Then, I lightly stack them together in the traditional sandwich shape and toss that bad boy onto the skillet. I throw the macaroni into the garbage, or, if it’s close to a holiday or a birthday, I wrap it up in baggies to give away as gifts. And that’s how you make a Grilled Mack! Although by the time you read this, that will no longer be true.

That’s all the time I have right now, as I need to keep my heart rate up because sharks can sense weakness. Please leave me your questions here in the comments or on Twitter @bunnyearsweb with the hashtag #AskMack, and I guarantee there is a marginal possibility I might actually read them.

Your pal,

Macaulay Culkin

Dictated into an old boombox I got at a rummage sale while jogging across the Pacific Ocean in a plastic bubble. Boombox recovered and transcribed by Tom Reimann.

Images: John Shearer/Getty Images for DCP (used with permission)

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  1. If only I had known of this website sooner.. Time to flee the Empire, fuck you Kraft! Classing us peasants away in darkness without even knowing of such things as deluxe boxes and their liquid cheese packets.. I’ll never return, no more toiling in the pasteurization factories.

  2. Macaulay, I hope your enjoying the Bunny Ears Podcast and website.. I hope to see you in my home town of Magee,Mississippi soon!!!!!!

  3. Tell about the scenes which were not included in the movie Home Alone, but you would like to see them in the film.

    1. Get two slices of bread and polish them up on both sides with spreadable butter!!! Make two, and you can share!!!

  4. #AskMack
    Dear Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin, out of all the eclectic things you do, what is your absolute favourite, your sole passion ?
    p.s. Happy New Year !!

  5. I use to have grilled cheese a lot as well, but I keep trying to replace it with junk food. (It sucks living with my 74-year old working & divorced mother being mentally disabled & 36.)

  6. Dear Mack,

    The missus has recently suggested that we might try spicing things up in the boudoir as a way to save our rapidly failing marriage. Other than turmeric, which I already own a lot of, are there any particular spices you would suggest for boudoirs?

    Ever grateful,
    Peter Pumpkin-Eater

    p.s., What kind of animal is a boudoir, anyway?

  7. Yo Mack-a-doodle-dooo,
    I have a question here. Where in the world would you rather live and why??


  8. Hi Mack, I just wanted to send you a thank you. I have seen all the negative crap out there and just thought you might like to hear some appreciation of your work. Fun website by the way. I will put you on favorites for a while and see what weird stuff you come up with next to freak out the squares. Thanks Again😀

  9. “I throw in the garbage into the garbage,…” – Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?

  10. What’s ur favorite song or song that means the most to u and why..this tells alot about people I think.

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