Mack Talks To ‘Defunctland’s’ Kevin Perjurer On This Week’s Podcast

February 21, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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On this week’s episode of the Bunny Ears podcast, Macaulay Culkin welcomes Defunctland’s Kevin Perjurer into the bunny cave (bunny hole? bunny pit? We don’t know, but we just mean his house and the podcast). In case you’re unfamiliar, Defunctland is a mega-popular YouTube channel that features mini-documentaries on extinct amusement parks and canceled TV shows from our childhoods.

If you’re a Disney World/Disneyland geek, you’re officially going to love this episode. Mack and Kevin talk about everything from Walt Disney’s cryptic last words, to the suspicious “alien” food served at Galaxy’s Edge, to Club 33—the super secret rich-person’s club located within the parks.

The guys then briefly pivot to Universal Studios and Harry Potter World. Mack reveals how he believed the Harry Potter series would end (he’s never read the books, FYI) and Kevin theorizes about why the new Hagrid-themed roller coaster is taking so very long to complete.

They round things out by talking about what’s coming down the pipeline on the next season of Defunctland, and delve a little into Kevin’s process. (Hint: It takes a heck of a lot of time, research, and head banging). It’s a highly-entertaining conversation between—dare we say it—kindred geeks, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy.

If you want to hear more of Kevin, visit the Defunctland YouTube channel and Twitter account. For more of Bunny Ears podcast host Macaulay Culkin, follow him on Instagram hereTwitter here, and subscribe to his YouTube channel (where he posts a wealth of hilarious content) here.

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  1. Great episode as usual, Bunny Ears gang, but…

    Holy crap guys. Those ads. I genuinely thought they were parody ads at first, and then realized they were REAL ads for REAL podcasts. Like that “celebrity insider” podcast, I was literally laughing at what a great parody that was until I suddenly realized, “…Oh. Oh no. This is a real thing. Ohhhh nooooo…” Haha.

    My sense of reality is thoroughly warped!

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