What If Bad Things, But Not?

November 1, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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We know these are difficult times. Many of our readers are exhausted, stressed, and scared—and there are days when the world seems more full of bad things than it’s ever been. And so to all of you who have had a tough time of it lately, we would like to offer a message of healing, a message that is simple yet important and can, we believe, change the world as we know it. That message is this: why can’t we all just get along?

We know there’s a lot of anger in the world. But as an internationally respected wellness brand, we encourage people to turn the other (well moisturized) cheek and see beyond our superficial differences and through to the commonalities that unite us. After all, we’re not so different in the end. Whether you’re screaming at someone on the internet or the target of their abuse, we’re all just people who are trying to get through another day. Isn’t everyone in this crazy thing called life together?

bad things
A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and a human cannot good without bad.

We know that the news can make other people seem nasty, and that the people who say civilization would be better off if you were dragged into the streets and shot can seem nasty too. But if both sides of these supposedly vast divides wear our t-shirts and take our cuticle maintenance tips, how different can they really be? Be honest: you probably have one thing in common with the people you think are your enemy. And we’re willing to bet that, if people were open to just sitting down and having an honest conversation, they would agree on more things than you’d think.

Always The Good Feelings

So why can’t we all just see each other as human beings who are capable of adding to the view counts of our many fine articles, among other great accomplishments? Say one of you wants to start a podcast about sailing, and someone else wants to start a podcast about how certain categories of humans should be thrown into the ocean. Aren’t you both just pursuing your interests? And don’t those interests actually give you a bit of common ground that you thought you lacked? See, maybe you aren’t so divided after all!

bad things
The opposite of loneliness is more than one person

Life is tough enough without looking for superficial differences to keep us apart. Who we love, the color of one’s skin, the discredited and morally bankrupt political philosophies we cling to… honestly, who cares about all that? Every human being has hopes and dreams, hobbies and passions, wellness problems that we can solve and money that can be spent at our store. Those are what’s really important in life.

bad things
A journey of 1,000 miles is something you might want to do.

Don’t Get Sad Get Glad

So the next time you’re feeling down, remember that you’re not alone. In fact, countless others feel just like you. Whether you’re worried about getting your bills paid on time for another month, or you’re worried that the violent purge you’re agitating for doesn’t appear to be on schedule, when the sun goes down you both like to relax in a warm bubble bath and let your troubles melt away. If everyone has that in common, then is the world really as bad as you think it is? We don’t think so. Because we know that, deep down, everyone just wants to live their best life.

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