It Turns Out Oxygen Is Just A Poison That Takes 80 Years to Kill Us

December 26, 2021 by , featured in Health
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As a mother, I worry about what’s best for my children, so when I heard my kids talking about something called an “oxygen bar,” I started looking into this chemical compound we call “oxygen.” All chemicals are bad, so I knew it was going to be harmful in some way. I had no idea just how bad a poison oxygen really was.

What Is Oxygen?

Oxygen is an odorless gas in the air that we breathe, making it nearly undetectable. Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, you’re still exposed to this toxin. Oxygen is the third-most abundant element in the universe. It is completely unavoidable.

You Won’t Even Feel It Until It’s Too Late

You’ve been taking in poison oxygen your entire life, but you’ve never felt it. Why should you worry? Because eventually, you will die. It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. But the cumulative effects of oxygen will get you some point, even if it’s 50 years down the line. Oxygen is a slow killer, and that’s why it’s so deadly.

Statistics Don’t Lie

Doctors will tell you there’s nothing to worry about and breathing oxygen is totally natural. They will say there’s no link between breathing oxygen and death, and in fact, you actually need it to live. But the statistics don’t lie. 100% of people who take in oxygen will die at some point in their life.

Look At This Photo

Take a look at what oxygen did to this metal chain.

Now imagine if this chain was actually your small intestine. If oxygen can do this much damage to something as strong as metal, just think of what it’s doing to your internal organs every single day. I posted this photo of “oxygen damage” on Facebook, and someone said it was “rust,” which rhymes with “dust.” If you breathe too much dust, you can choke to death in extreme circumstances, so oxygen must be just as bad.

Watch Out For Hidden Oxygen

The thing that makes oxygen so insidious is that it’s everywhere. You might be taking in oxygen without even realizing it! Oxygen isn’t just in the air you breathe. It’s also in the water you drink, so if you think that you can avoid oxygen by breathing water like a fish, think again!

I’m currently trying to figure out how I can live in a room without oxygen. I’ve been told that’s impossible and I’d die if I did that, but I’ll also die if I don’t. It’s worth it to live a truly chemical-free life.

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  1. Thank you for this warning!
    More people really need to know about this. Chemicals are all so terrible for us. We should just get rid of them all!!

  2. okay so i just found this website out and read a couple articles and everything is just sarcastic and bullshitting the reader, the title is intriguing and seems like something to check out but when you do it turns out its bullshitting you so…

  3. Honestly i am trying to do research and everyone dies at some point so thank you for the stupid stats, and O2 is as bad as O3 if we are inhaling O3 that means death. so thank you for the waste of time on my conspiracy theory hunt

  4. Dope. I’m enjoying those two comments more than the article. Good luck in the conspiracy theory hunt! Holy shit.

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