The Small Wonder Cast: Where They Are Literally Right Now

January 17, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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Anyone who grew up in the ’80s has a soft spot for the cast of Small Wonder. Premiering in 1985, the sitcom focused on the Lawson family and their robot daughter “Vicki” (which stood for Voice Input Child Identicant). Full of hijinks and hilarity, this family-friendly show was responsible for a lot of laughs back in the day.  So what has the Small Wonder cast been up to since? We thought it would be fun to find out, so we tagged them with GPS trackers, like a bunch of wild animals. 

Tiffany Brissette (Victoria “Vicki” Ann Smith-Lawson):

Vicki Location
Map Data @2019 Google

A Del Taco in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s been there for 3.4 hours.

Dick Christie (Ted Lawson):

Ted Lawson location Small Wonder
Map Data @2019 Google

The front lawn of his house in New Jersey, with his family, whom we’ve also tagged. Here is the exact address if you want to drive by and confirm:

45 Tuxedo Rd. Montclair NJ 07042

Marla Pennington (Joan Lawson):

Marla location Small Wonder
Map Data @2019 Google

Circling an ex-lover’s apartment complex in Huntsville, Alabama. She often does this for hours at a time.

Jerry Supiran (Jamie Lawson):

Jamie location Small Wonder
Map Data @2019 Google INGEI

Off the grid. Last seen riding the rails out of Guadalajara, Mexico. Our team moved in after not seeing any movement for three weeks and found the tracker still attached to his severed ear. 

Emily Schulman (Harriet Brindle):

Austria Map
Map Data @2019 Google

Solitary confinement inside of the Göllersdorf Prison in Asten, Austria. She hasn’t moved in over two years since relocating from a women’s prison in Schwarzenau, Lower Austria, which proved unable to handle her. Nicknamed the “Kombucha Killer” due to her habit of luring unsuspecting men inside her home with homemade fermented tea drinks before dismembering them with the sharpened edges of Small Wonder DVDs. She has been in prison since 2002.

Images: 20th Century Fox Television, Google

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