We Talked To Some Unsuccessful, But Very Spiritual People About Their Work Habits

June 28, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Do you find it hard to stay motivated in both your professional life and your spiritual one? Don’t despair! We asked some of the most spiritual people we could find to tell us how they find that all-important balance, and we think you’ll find their answers… enlightening.

Krystal, 27 (Yoga Instructor)

“Yoga is obviously extremely spiritual, but I strongly believe that you need multiple outlets to ensure balance within your soul. So I start every morning by supporting my local fair trade coffee shop; coffee and an 11 dollar vegan egg and sausage wrap just taste better when you know that your money is benefiting the local community. Then, on a typical day, I’ll get a tarot reading, have an acupuncture or sensory deprivation session, tend to my herb garden, teach my 90 minute class, go to my book club, enjoy dinner with my five roommates, meditate, pray, play soothing music, and then drink my bedtime kombucha. So every day I’m making myself rich spiritually.”

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Phineas, 23 (Crystal Healer)

Crystal healing is extremely rewarding to me because even when my clients can’t pay me with money, they can always pay me with smiles, a better attitude, and the simple enjoyment they get from a healthy life. I’ve even had customers compensate me for my services with handwritten poems, art, pottery, woodcarvings, beadwork… you name it, I’ve been paid with it! It is so spiritually soothing to look at all of these gifts lined up on the shelves of my trailer and remind myself that every single one represents a job well done.”

Nicolette, 35 (Bespoke Juice Cleanse Artisan)

“I find tremendous satisfaction in picking out the perfect fruits to juice for my customers. Sure, I may be stuck under the fluorescent lights of some big box grocery store that sells as much poison as it does food, but when I’m in the produce section where I can lovingly handle Mother Earth’s many gifts, where I can get to know their contours and curves and determine which ones are just right for my needs… it’s like I’m actually outside on an organic farm on a beautiful summer’s day. The toughest part of maintaining the illusion is when the bill comes, but I’m confident that if I keep producing a great product, more people will see why my juices are worth the cost.”

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Xander, 32 (Journeyman)

Getting high on the job helps a lot. It doesn’t really matter what the job is. Trust me, I’ve had a lot, and it works great at all of them. You just don’t feel the same sense of pressure that everyone else does, and even doing something as mundane as paperwork can make you feel in touch with the universe when you approach it with the right mindset. Your colleagues and bosses may not feel the same way, but luckily that same open mindset will help you push past their judgement and give yourself a feeling of confidence. What’s important is that you know you’re doing the right thing.”

Leon, 49 (Folk Singer)

“I try to emphasize my spirituality in my music, because that way my work and my emotions have a symbiotic relationship. Whether I’m playing at a coffee shop, a bust station, a street corner, or a friend’s basement, taking little moments to reflect and meditate before, after, and even during my shows helps me put everything in perspective and be thankful for what I have in life. My guitar, the day-old muffins the coffee shop owner promised me, the sleeping bag… in a lot of ways I’m actually pretty lucky.”

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