My Crystal Altar Was RUINED by My Mother-In-Law

August 7, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Dear Serendipity,

My husband and I have a very loving and communicative relationship. There’s just one problem. His mother interferes with EVERYTHING. This weekend she was over for a visit, and when I came into the sunroom, I caught her REARRANGING the crystals on my crystal altar.

As you covered in your response to Dear Serendipity: I Think My Crystal Is Cheating on Me, crystals are highly sensitive to individual frequencies, and only a crystal’s bonded owner should handle or touch it. I don’t even allow my husband to touch my crystal altar (not that he ever would; he understands that a crystal bond is sacred and he respects the relationship I have with my crystals). I just really wish that he had explained this to his meddling mother.

Ever since my mother-in-law moved my crystals, I’ve felt off-balance, and I know it’s because the crystals’ vibrations were disturbed. Am I crazy to be furious with her? She could have ruined my life, and all because she thinks she knows more about interior design than me. Maybe she just didn’t know any better, but I can’t help wondering if this is deliberate sabotage on her part. She’s always been jealous of my positive vibes. Maybe she wanted to discredit me and then gloat about how my healthsome flow isn’t working.

I’ve been too angry to eat or drink. And now the misaligned energies are giving me a headache and making me light-headed. I put everything back in its place, but it’s not the same. The worst effect seems to be with the amethyst centerpiece. I’m not reading any energy from it at all anymore! It’s as if our energy wavelengths are too out-of-sync for me to harmonize with it, or worse. I’ve had it for six months already and I’m terrified that I’ll have to let it go.

Is there anything I can do to restore positive balance to my crystal altar and prevent this from happening again?

Dazed and Confused


Dear Dazed,

You poor dear. You’re absolutely right; crystals should not be touched by anyone other than their owner. Unfortunately, narrow-minded people rarely consider the ramifications of their actions. I’m surprised you’re still up and about. Sometimes people are so badly shaken when their bonded crystals are disturbed that they need several days of bed rest.

While I doubt your mother-in-law was attempting to deliberately sabotage your harmonic energies—for starters, it doesn’t sound like she has any understanding of the significance of crystals, so it’s unlikely she would’ve been able to hatch such a well-thought-out plan—ignorance is no excuse for the damage she caused. Tampering with the elemental forces of a crystal altar is incredibly reckless, and she would do well to be more informed in the future. After all, when the forces of nature rise up to restore balance to the world, pleading simple foolishness won’t save her from the earth’s reckoning.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to “reset” your crystal altar’s energies. First, cleanse the altar itself. The best way to do this is a sacred smoke bath; you can burn some sage or even frankincense to clear out the negative energy your mother-in-law introduced.

Crystal altar

Secondly, dismantle your altar—I know, I know, it’s a scary prospect, but trust me on this—and cleanse the actual crystals. This is best done under a full moon. Set the crystals out overnight in a place where the moonlight will fall on them. If you want, you can perform a blood sacrifice to make the purification ritual even more effective, but it’s not necessary.

Then rearrange your altar on the night of the new moon (the best night for new beginnings). You don’t need to worry about putting the crystals in exactly the same spots, either; just as your intuition and the energy patterns in the earth guided you the first time you set up your altar, so they can guide you now.

Finally, talk to your husband about setting some boundaries for relatives who come to visit. There’s no need to make it an accusatory conversation; you can tell him you’re worried about all guests, not just the ones on his side of the family. If he really understands the sanctity of crystal bonds, he’ll be willing to set some guidelines that you can inform visitors of ahead of time.

Ideally, your mother-in-law will respect your household rules when she next comes to visit. If not, you might want to consider barring her from entering. It may sound like a harsh measure, but if she doesn’t respect your crystal altar, she doesn’t respect you. At a certain point, you’ll only be inviting negative energy into your life if you allow her over your threshold.

Peace & harmony,

Images: pixabay, Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Can my husband touch my crystals .. or rather can we use the same prices ?? Or do we need to get separate sets.. I am just starting our Crystal collection.

  2. This email has to be a joke, right? I mean, come on lady. Do you want to speak to the manager too, Karen??

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