I DID Do That, And I’m Owning It: The Steve Urkel Life Coaching Method

January 2, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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Steven Quincy Urkel—inventor, astronaut, and lover—is now a full-time life coach. In case you’re unfamiliar, Urkel was a guy who overcame a lot of adversity. His parents abandoned him while he was still in high school. Stefan, his best friend and a clone of himself (but cooler), was tragically reabsorbed back into him at a young age. His first girlfriend stalked him relentlessly. However, he emerged from these trials and tribulations as an incredible man … who wants to help YOU be incredible, too. With the Steve Urkel life coaching method!

Gone are Steve’s days of asking, “Did I Do That?” Now, he freely admits when he has, in fact, done that, and offers to pay for the damages with the proceeds of his ample life coaching salary. Did I mention that Steve Urkel is a very expensive life coach?

What To Expect

Steve will teach you how you can break every fragile thing in a woman’s house and still make her fall in love with you. Still wearing a belt like a chump? Steve will teach you the waist-freeing joy of suspenders. Driving around in a gas guzzling SUV? Steve will introduce you to the sleek design of three-wheeled Italian microcars. And when you stumble and fall (both metaphorically and extremely literally) he’ll show you how to get right back up again. Oh, and he follows a strict fitness routine that includes sixty minutes of core work per week! And he’s willing to pass on all that wisdom to you for a nominal fee.

Plus, it’s the only life-coaching technique approved by Carl Winslow.

The bottom line: Steve Urkel’s life-coaching method will teach you to look the universe right in the eye and say, “Whoa, Momma!” through your nose. So stop living life for other people. Hitch up your pants, bend your knees, stick out your pelvis, and start doing you.

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