How Van Life Can Improve Your Sex Life, Man

March 11, 2022 by , featured in Relationships
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Americans everywhere are ditching their conventional, non-moving homes to hit the open road and explore the world in—that’s right—vans. And while many people already know that Van Life is about simplicity, minimalism, and adventure, they often don’t realize that it can also improve your sex life. Here’s how!

New and Exciting Scenery

When you live in a van with your special someone, there are unlimited new and exciting places to get freaky. Ever make love at the base of the Grand Canyon? Under the stars in New Mexico? In the middle of a bustling Ohio state fair (in the comfort of your own home, no less)? With Van Life, it’s possible. (Though, truth be told, not necessarily probable. You and your lover may never feel 100% safe and secure, meaning neither of you will ever actually be in the mood to take off your clothes or do anything that takes your attention off your surroundings). Van Life, baby!

Less Distractions = Pure Focus

When you minimize your life, it can open up your mind and clear out the noise. Imagine what that will do in the bedroom! No more ruining a steamy moment because you got caught staring at your collection of Little Rascals figurines, or realizing one of your records was placed in the wrong order alphabetically. Your van simply can’t accommodate those kinds of things, so you and your partner can just focus on each other. Just remember that this could also have a negative impact on both your sex and romantic life, because people often subconsciously choose sexual partners based on their status or wealth. Since you will have no worldly possessions, you might find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel, lover-wise. Van Life, baby!


Vans Are Love Cocoons

The close quarters of a van turn up the dial on intimacy. You can’t go into another room. There is no other room. So you and your partner are forced to face every single situation head on, in the moment, together. Plus, you get to know new partners extremely fast. That’s because when you bring them back to your “home” for the first time, you’re saying, “This is me. I live in a van.” Those who stay are sure to be there for a long time. Note: While the “love cocoon” will probably be good for your sex life, it could also get unhealthy and dangerous. Always remember to wear breathable underwear and bathe regularly, because living in a stuffy environment like a van can cause serious chafing and irritation. Van Life, baby!


So, are you ready to spice up your sex life and dive headfirst into Van Life? Just remember, as totally awesome and chill as it’s totally sure to be, it could also ruin everything. Good luck!

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