What Your ‘Mario Maker 2’ Levels Say About Your Relationship With Your Parents

February 17, 2022 by , featured in Video Games
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We’re having so much fun building levels in Super Mario Maker 2. From hiding keys to crafting gauntlets of Thwomps and spikes, the game makes creating so easy. The only limits are your imagination—and the damage inflicted upon you in early childhood, of course. So if you’ve been avoiding therapy and don’t know what that specific damage is just yet, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what your Mario Maker 2 levels say about your relationship with your parents.

A Puzzle Level

Oh, did you put the red coins in thoughtful places that require an abstract way of thinking about Mario Maker physics? Good for you. Your parents are never going to be impressed. Stop trying.

A Laid-Back, Relaxing Level

Ah, who doesn’t appreciate a simple stroll through a familiar area, with maybe just a few Cheap-Cheeps to casually hop over? I’ll tell you who—someone who has set up reasonable emotional boundaries with their parents. Easy levels are created by emotional caretakers who are afraid to upset their parents for fear of reprisal. It’s too bad Mario Maker doesn’t let you make the ground out of eggshells, because that’s all you’ve been walking on for years.

A Shoot-‘Em-Up

Using a clown car and a fire-flower turns Mario’s traditionally side-scrolling adventures into a furious shoot ’em up. Things get pretty chaotic when you’re trying to shoot hammer brothers out of the sky! Unfortunately, no one makes a level like this without growing up in an unstable home, like a military family that moved around a lot, or where dad was in and out.

A Level That Relies Heavily On The On/Off Switch

Making a player jump into an On/Off switch to make different platforms appear and disappear is a good way to add a challenge to your level, and also a good way to show the world that your parents only ever valued you for your accomplishments. Growing up, you had to make your own platforms appear to feel worthy of love, and it turned you into the overachiever you are today. That’s why all the Mario Maker levels with On/Off switches are made by doctors.

An Auto-Runner Built Around a Coin Trail That You Beat Just by Holding Forward

You spoiled, coddled little brat. You know life isn’t this easy for the rest of us, don’t you? How about you distance yourself from those wealthy parents who give you whatever you want and get some real world experience before you make Mario Maker levels, huh?

A Level That Just Says “Fuck You, Dad!”

This one kind of speaks for itself. I’m here if you ever need to talk.

Images: Super Mario Maker 2

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