I Owe My Newfound Confidence To Therapy And Stilts (Mostly Stilts)

December 19, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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The safe space of a therapist’s office was the perfect place to rebuild my confidence after a few rough years. The 5-ft. stilts that let me tower over friends and coworkers like I’m Godzilla and they’re hapless downtown office buildings also helped a little.

A New Perspective

I didn’t think I needed therapy. I also didn’t think I needed sturdy poles strapped to my feet that made me at least 4 feet taller than even the tallest N.B.A. star. But one day, sitting in my therapist’s office with my stilted legs splayed before me, I realized I’d been feeling pretty good about myself lately. My therapist ducked quickly as I uncrossed my legs and then asked if I was doing anything different lately. I said no, other than the stilts, and he said, “I was being sarcastic.” We had a great laugh. I mean, I did.


My therapist created such an open and judgment-free environment that I felt I could finally work through the insecurities that had been holding me back from being my best self. But the therapy stilts, though — wow! Literally, looking down on people all day fills you this natural sense of superiority that’s both delightful and delicious.

Starting Small

I started small with a 5-in. shoe lift to get a taste of the rarefied air. Just five little inches higher, and I was already feeling like the king of the world. My therapist suggested I come in twice a week instead of once so we could more intensively work on what he called a “rapidly inflating sense of self-importance,” but I bought a set of 5-ft. stilts from an online circus supplier instead. People were suddenly more inclined to do what I said. If I asked for a coffee, they gave me a coffee. If I asked for their wallet, Social Security number, and mother’s maiden name, they gave me all that, too.


I told my therapist I’ve been making great strides, thanks to him and my therapy stilts. He told me that wasn’t a funny joke, but he was wrong. I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. My therapist had tears rolling down his face, too, but he wasn’t laughing. A professional through and through, that one.

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