Classic WWE Entrance Music For Every Mood

December 10, 2021 by , featured in Wrestling
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Have you, a wrestling fan, ever walked down the street with your favorite wrestler’s theme music in your head? Of course you have. How did it make you feel? Unstoppable? Intense? Ready to kick ass? I bet so. Besides getting the snot beaten out of your backed up sinuses, the magic of wrestling entrance themes can pull the strings on your disposition in more ways than one. Here is a short guide to Classic WWE Entrance Music that can help dictate your moods.


Mood: Insecure

Song: “Ass Man” – “Mr. Ass” Billy Gunn

Sometimes you need to stand up and tell the world exactly who you are, and that’s what “Ass Man” does for Billy Gunn. You’ll immediately feel an endorphin spike as the opening seconds declare Mr. Gunn an “Ass Man”. If that vocal kick off doesn’t motivate you to believe in yourself, continue to listen to the long list of how Mr. Ass handles asses. He’s very assertive and you can be too. Feel empowered to do the same. Just hit play on this music, look in the mirror, and stand proud.


Mood: Angry

Song: “Somebody’s Gonna Get It” – Mark Henry

Anger gets a bad rep. It’s a totally healthy emotion that should be expressed like any other. Punch it out with Mark Henry’s “Somebody’s Gonna Get It”. Now, there’s no need for physical violence. The vocals and intensity of this WWE entrance music should give anyone in your vicinity a proper warning to get the hell out-of-the-way. Can also be used when you’re in the mood to intimidate.

Mood: Horny

Song: “Sexy Boy” – Shawn Michaels


Mood: Unstable

Song: “Voices” – Randy Orton

Just like Randy Orton’s RKO, mental illness can strike out of nowhere. This theme is all about honesty in addressing the voices in Randy’s head, and about taking the time to reflect on your own voices. Is it your inner child you hear? Your inner gremlin? God? God’s god? The brain is complex. Pop on this music, listen to what they say, and act accordingly.


Mood: House Needs To Be Cleaned

Song: “Common Man” – Dusty Rhodes

Plates and cans of tuna stacked in the kitchen, clothes all over the bed, and all those sticky tissues balled up in the corner. The need to clean is common, as is the need for copious amounts of cow-bell. Add some beefy grit into your scrubbing with The American Dream’s entrance theme. Your hips will be bouncing as you put in a full day’s work maintaining yourself as an everyday, common human. After you’re done, put on your favorite pair of polka dot undies and treat yourself with a tasty cold beverage, your hard-working ways earned it.

Images: Ed Webster


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