‘WWE 2K20’ Announces ‘Brock Lesnar Contract Microtransaction’ Feature

March 21, 2022 by , featured in Video Games, Wrestling
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2K Sports is reportedly including a unique (and controversial) feature to their upcoming WWE 2K20 video game. Players will have to make a microtransaction in order to play as former multi-time WWE World and Universal Champion “The Beast” Brock Lesnar, mimicking the wrestler’s current WWE contract.

“2K Sports takes pride in bringing the most realistic experience in all of our sports-game franchises,” said 2K spokesperson Claude Bennet. “We figured that in order for our players to get the full experience of running World Wrestling Entertainment and implementing storylines in Career Mode, it should reflect the real-life contract restrictions of the actual Brock Lesnar.”

Who Says Beast Mode is Cheap?

Players of WWE 2K20 will have to pay $99.99 to play as Brock Lesnar for five matches. Afterwards, there is an option that will allow players to add more dates per additional payment. If you do not make the purchase, the Lesnar slot on the Select Character screen is just Paul Heyman shooting a look at you while saying, “Ahem.”

“It’s hard, because he’s such a great wrestler to play as for online matches or against your friends on the couch,” said longtime wrestling game tester Chad Woods. “But it can suck when Lesnar pins you for the championship and you have to pay another hundred bucks just to get your rematch for the title.”

You’re Not Fired … You’re Just Very Disappointing

If you don’t purchase the microtransaction option, each PPV event in MyCAREER Mode starts with a cutscene of Vince McMahon with his backstage team, lamenting that you let Lesnar walk away.

“Virtual Vince always talks about Brock drawing a big house and then your next match is fighting in an emptier arena each time you don’t have Brock on the card. Why would the game developers make it like this?” asked Woods.

Other fans scoffed at the microtransaction idea. “Why spend so much money on Lesnar when you can just build up new stars?” asked wrestling fan/gamer Becky Green. “I mean, literally, there’s a Create a Superstar mode. You can make another wrestler, or even a new Lesnar if you align the tattoos up correctly.”

While players can expect to make the $99.99 payment along with the game at launch, be warned that the microtransaction price is likely to increase should there be interest in featuring Lesnar in the EA Sports’ UFC 4 video game early next year.

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